2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

ART-4140 Advanced Ceramics –Sp 3 hours In this course, students will develop expertise in ceramic methods of hand-building and/or wheel-throwing, with an emphasis on perfecting the skillsets already developed. Additionally, students will establish personal artistic statements manifested through a conceptually unified body of work expressed in clay. ART-2140 Ceramics Foundations; ART-3140 Intermediate Ceramics. Repeatable up to two times. (Fee:$175) ART-4160 Advanced Sculpture –Fa, Sp 3 hours Building on Sculpture Foundations and Intermediate Sculpture, Advanced Sculpture allows for further exploration and focus as students develop a mature, quality body of work. The professor will define course projects based on abilities and interest of the student. Prerequisites: ART-3160 Intermediate Sculpture. (Fee: $300) Repeatable up to two times. ART-4170 Advanced Printmaking –Fa, Sp 3 hours This printmaking course is for the advanced student who is completing a concentration in printmaking. By allowing the student to specialize in a particular technical process, this course focuses on presenting a unified body of prints reflecting a personal style and deeper thinking in preparation for the student’s senior exhibition. This course encourages experimentation with the synthesis of analog digital technologies while maintaining traditional value for achieving the consistent multiple image. Prerequisites: ART-2170 Printmaking Foundations; ART-3170 Intermediate Printmaking. Repeatable up to two times (Fee: $300) ART-4300 Art Exhibition –Sp 3 hours Designed to provide the student a hands-on experience in mounting an art exhibition. Topics include archival matting and framing, lighting, and hanging techniques, as well as publicity and signage. Studio work is a requirement to balance a portfolio of work for a senior exhibition. Capstone course. Prerequisite: senior studio art major status . (Fee: $50) ART-4400 20th Century Art –Sp 3 hours Investigation of the development of 20th century art history from Post-Impressionism to the present. Particular attention to the underlying worldviews and changes in media. Classroom lectures are supplemented with student research, critique, and museum studies. (odd years) ART-4440 Installation Art –Fa 3 hours Survey of Installation Art, culminating in student directed projects, executed on and off campus. Prerequisite: ART-4400 20th Century Art recommended. (Fee: $125) (even years) ART-4900 Studio Art Internship –Fa, Sp, Su 0–6 hours The studio art internship will give the student an opportunity to gain hands-on, experiential learning with professionals in the studio art field. This experience will provide students firsthand exposure and insights into professional and practical work, industry attitudes and approaches, and career path options within the field. Students will learn from and work with experienced artists, participate in art-related settings, and gain insights for extablishing goals for an artistic career. Credit/no credit. ART-4980 Special Topics in Art –Fa, Sp, Su 1–3 hours This is a workshop for students who are interested in a collaborative studio learning experience in applied art. Applied areas offered include painting (watercolor, oil, acrylic), pottery, or photography. Rotation of course content will be determined by faculty schedules. In instances where Cedarville University faculty are acting as instructors in professional workshops held off-campus, Cedarville University students who participate and pay Cedarville tuition can earn elective credit. Actual contact hours would determine amount of credit granted. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor. (Fee: $75). ART-4990 Independent Study in Art –Fa, Sp, Su 1–3 hours Independent and intensive study in a particular area of art for individual students who demonstrate special interests and ability. (Fee: $60 per credit hour) Industrial and Innovative Design (IDES) IDES-2000 History and Influences of Design –Sp 3 hours Survey of design from the 17th century to the present. The course highlights significant stages in the development and pivotal influences of design including technological advances, individual works, key movements, schools of thought, and approaches relative to time(s) and culture(s). Crosslisted with VCD. IDES-3110 Drawing in Dynamic Perspective I –Fa 3 hours This hands-on course includes lecture, demonstration, progressive hand-generated drawing exercises, and project work, all designed to reveal the hidden keys to training our creativity to perceive space and the geometry of space with greater authority. The principles of one-point and two-point perspective and related visual systems will be presented in a bold problem-solving format ranging in scale from the simple to the complex in order to accurately express our conceptual capabilities. Prerequisites: ART-2230 Three-Dimensional Design; VCD-1050 Applied Design; Tech Tools I. IDES-3120 Drawing in Dynamic Perspective II –Fa 3 hours Building on the visual authority and refined hand-drawing skills developed in Drawing in Dynamic Perspective I, this course explores in greater depth the application of advanced perspective principles in problem-solving scenarios for a diverse range of “core content” industrial design exercises. Prerequisite: IDES-3110 Drawing in Dynamic Perspective I. IDES-3210 Language of Line –Fa 4 hours Rapid visualization (Power Drawing) skills will be presented in lecture, demonstration, progressive hand-generated drawing exercises, and project work in an in-depth study of the “language of line” and how it generates visual confidence. The course analyzes the three keys to drawing authority: form, position and texture. Further, the course will place these elements into a process that will produce and solve design problems ranging from understanding basic volumes to successfully illustrating complex volumes through study of applied science, ergonomics, and ethics. Prerequisite: IDES-3120 Drawing in Dynamic Perspective II. IDES-3220 Innovative Media Systems –Fa 4 hours Through the use of the latest digital and traditional design tools, students will develop and demonstrate their previously learned skills and knowledge in industrial design, creative problem-solving, and visual communication techniques by way of market-relevant studio exercises, hands-on design labs, and experiential- learning projects. Prerequisite: IDES-3120 Drawing in Dynamic Perspective II. IDES-3310 3 hours Fundamentals of Surface Development I –Sp This study will introduce the principles of creating innovative shapes, forms, and volumes, and explore how they in turn influence manufacturing systems. Students will engage in using a variety of materials such as paper, structural foam, plastics, glass, wood, etc., to successfully convey a three-dimensional model interpretation. Prerequisite: IDES-3220 Innovative Media Systems. IDES-3320 3 hours Fundamentals of Surface Development II –Sp The principles of this course will expand the model-building skill base by working with an advanced palette of materials to successfully illustrate a set of three-dimensional models. Prerequisite: IDES-3310 Fundamentals of Surface Development I. IDES-3410 Three-Dimensional Composition –Sp 4 hours This course will lay the foundations for “finishing techniques” for modeling and act as an overview for the various software, hardware, hand-crafted, and artisan techniques required to gain a deeper appreciation of the visual impact potential of a finished model and/or prototype, and various presentation practices. Prerequisite: IDES-3320 Fundamentals of Surface Development II. 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 229 Course Descriptions ART-4140 – IDES-3410 ART, DESIGN, AND THEATRE