2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

IDES-3420 Three-Dimensional Presentation –Sp 4 hours This course is the natural extension of three-dimensional composition. The course focuses on the critical importance of creating, defining, and implementing a series of two-dimensional sketch rendering ideas and converting those ideas into successful three-dimensional model series. Prerequisite: IDES-3410 Three- Dimensional Composition. IDES-4010 Consumer Product Design –Fa 4 hours This course is designed to focus on the development of the designer’s personal vision and preparation for careers in the area of product design. Completed solutions will be created by the candidates through concept sketches, renderings, layout studies, 3-D models, and a final, scale foam study. Prerequisite: IDES-3420 Three-Dimensional Presentation. IDES-4020 Interior Space Design –Fa 3 hours This course is designed to focus on the development of the designer’s personal vision and preparation for careers in the area of interior design. Completed solutions will be created by the candidates through the understanding of human scale, consumer product trends, human interaction, interface, ergonomics, traffic patterns, interior design materials, etc. Prerequisite: IDES-3420 Three-Dimensional Presentation. IDES-4030 Transportation Design –Fa 4 hours This course is designed to focus on the development of the designer’s personal and client visions and for preparation with the career choice of transportation design. Completed solutions will be created through concept sketches exploring the world of mobility (aircraft, watercraft, automobile, etc.) Prerequisite: IDES-3420 Three-Dimensional Presentation. IDES-4040 Architectural/Exterior Space Design –Fa 4 hours Architectural exterior space design concentrates on the discipline of developing the designer’s expertise in utilizing structural materials to create the next generation of architectural design systems. Projects will include glass, metals, stone, and a diverse vocabulary of other materials that integrate the creative process to build confidence for this vocational choice. Prerequisite: IDES-3420 Three-Dimensional Presentation. IDES-4200 4 hours Professional and Ethical Practices in Design –Sp Based on the previous semester’s exposure to various disciplines within the industrial and innovative design degree, the candidate will focus on an area of specialization and, with staff assistance, develop a thesis statement. Further, candidates will receive coaching from professionals and staff in the areas of design business ethics. Prerequisite: IDES-4040 Architectural/ Exterior Space Design. IDES-4300 3 hours Design Project: Selection Statement, Research, and Scope –Sp With staff and professional support, the candidates will embark on a research journey to discover real-world, market-applicable design solution research within a selected area of specialization. Prerequisite: IDES-4200 Professional and Ethical Practices in Design. IDES-4400 Design Project and Presentation –Sp 10 hours In this capstone course, candidates will be assisted in completing their portfolio presentation skills, business case development, professional practices, and receive a professional written and oral critique of their work. Prerequisite: IDES-4300 Design Project: Selection Statement, Research, and Scope. Theatre (THTR) THTR-1230 Voice for the Performer –Fa 3 hours Practical approach to developing a healthy speaking voice for professional use. Voice physiology provides foundation for effective breathing, quality, projection, and articulation for performance. Stage dialects are explored briefly as application of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Appropriate for actors, singers, public speakers, and voice over artists. Crosslisted with COM-1230. THTR-1300 Introduction to Technical Theatre –Fa 3 hours This course is designed to provide the student with an introductory overview of various aspects of technical theatre, including set construction, costume construction, lighting and sound operation, and production run crews. The student will be provided with opportunities to develop and explore their technical skills with many of the basic tools, principles, and practices of technical theatre. (Fee: $50) THTR-1410 Introduction to Theatre –Fa 3 hours Study of the history and development of theatre. Dramatic literature is considered a reflection of man and culture during various periods, dealing with philosophy, religion, and sociopolitical thought. A brief look at acting skills is also offered. THTR-1430 Stage Movement –Sp 3 hours A practicum in theatrical stage movement for performance with intensive studio sessions, starting with a foundation of anatomically sound knowledge of Alexander technique. Physical expressiveness is developed through exploration of industry- standard approaches such as Elements, Laban effort/shape movement, and Yakim’s social selves. Specific applications develop technique for age demonstration and safe stage combat. Appropriate for students in all performing arts. (odd years) THTR-1460 Theatre Participation –Fa, Sp 0–1 hour Theatre majors and minors must participate in one mainstage production during each required semester. Theatre majors must enroll each semester the student is a major. Theatre minors must enroll two semesters. Participation may include acting, stage managing, crew heading, crewing, dramaturgy, etc. Credit/no credit. THTR-1500 Introduction to Production Design –Sp 3 hours This course is designed to provide the student an overview of theatrical design and the process in which a designer follows in analysis, research, and design for costume, lighting, scenic, and sound design. Prerequisite: THTR-1300 Introduction to Technical Theatre (Fee:$50) THTR-2130 Dramatic Literature –Sp 3 hours Study of the historical development of dramatic styles, theory, criticism, and construction. Can be applied to meet English or speech requirements, but not both. Crosslisted with LIT. (even years) THTR-2200 Stage Management –Sp 2 hours The course presents the procedures and ethics established and practiced by professional stage managers. Students will put these skills into practice through multiple class projects and in the development of a prompt book. Prerequisites: THTR-1300 Introduction to Technical Theatre; THTR-1410 Introduction to Theatre. THTR-2350 Directing I –Fa 3 hours Practical study of play directing methods, theories, and techniques applied through class projects. Students will direct scenes with complete artistic oversight, fulfilling every role and function of a director. This course is also helpful to education majors who will have to assist in educational theatre productions. Page 230 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Course Descriptions IDES-3420 – THTR-2350 ART, DESIGN, AND THEATRE