2022-23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

THTR-3510 Directing II –Sp 3 hours An advanced course exploring the direction of period plays and stylistic genres other than realism. Student projects might include one-act or full-length plays. Students will become familiar with influential contemporary directors and directing theories. (odd years) Prerequisite: THTR-2350 Directing I. THTR-3530 Musical Theatre Techniques –Sp 3 hours This course offers technique instruction in dance, voice, and acting styles for musical theatre. As a performance course, students will learn core dance technique starting with ballet and moving through various applicable styles, as well as basic vocal skills and acting technique necessary for musical theatre styles. Students will mark their progress toward a mastery of each unit through multiple classroom performances. Enrollment open to any student interested in musical theatre performance.(even years) (Fee: $75) THTR-3540 Period Styles for Production –Sp 3 hours A general survey of Western art, architecture, and fashion for the stage from Pre-Grecian to Late 20th Century. This course provides an overview of the evolution of art, architecture, and fashion as well as the social and cultural history affecting those evolutions. (even years) (Fee: $50) THTR-3610 Theatre for Young People –Fa 3 hours Designed to prepare college students to work with young people in the arts, this course trains students to use theatrical games/activities/productions with children between the ages of preschool through 12th grade. Useful skills are demonstrated to properly direct children in the classroom, on the stage, and in ministry-based settings such as preschools, camps, and on the mission field. Special focus is placed on childhood development as a means to create/identify/adapt theatrical material and apply it appropriately in various settings. Recommended for theatre/ education/missiology students who plan to work with young children in educational, professional, and ministry settings. (Fee: $60) (odd years) THTR-3650 Playwriting –Fa 3 hours This course is designed as a means of providing an opportunity for the student to concentrate on the writing of plays as a part of preparation for graduate work, ministry and worship, and the creation of new works for theatre. The emphasis will be on creative storytelling in dramatic form, including experimental work in varying formats. (even years) THTR-3850 2 hours Seminar in Arts Administration and Arts Law –Sp A seminar course providing background in arts administration and arts law, with significant research and presentation responsibilities for students. An overview of issues involved in the operation of arts organizations. (even years) (Fee: $75) THTR-4230 Stage Combat –Sp 3 hours This course is an interactive study in theatrical stage combat with intensive studio training in unarmed (hand-to-hand) techniques. Emphasis is placed on safe, accurate, and convincing combat training with practical application in dramatic scene study. The course content will follow the policies/procedures dictated by the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD). The course begins by building a strong foundation in unarmed skills and may advance to include an introduction of various stage weapons as appropriate for the students’ skill-levels. (even years) (Fee: $75) THTR-4400 Professional Preparation Seminar –Fa 2 hours Prepares the senior theatre arts student for entry into the professional arts community and/or graduate study. Topics include audition/portfolio preparation and presentation, resumé writing, interviewing techniques, graduate study/assistantship options, professional union affiliation, etc. (Fee: $125) THTR-4630 The Christian in Theatre –Sp 2 hours Students discuss issues they will face in the culture-shaping world of stage and screen. A biblical view of the arts sets the foundation for examining work ethic and professional practice. Service-learning projects integrate faith and art in the local community. THTR-4640 Special Topics –Fa, Sp 1–3 hours Topics of specialized theatrical interest are examined on an as- needed basis. Repeatable up to six credit hours. THTR-4750 Independent Study: Theatre –Fa, Sp 1–3 hours Independent study in a selected field for students with special interests and demonstrated ability. Repeatable up to eight credit hours. THTR-4810 Internship: Theatre –Fa, Sp, Su 0–6 hours Students are placed with professional organizations to gain experience in actual career situations. Internships depend upon availability. Repeatable up to 12 hours. THTR-4840 Senior Theatre Project –Fa, Sp 3 hours The Senior Theatre Project (STP) will culiminate students’ work in the form of a project that presents their highest caliber of work and that prepares students to achieve personal and professional goals. STP requirements can be fulfilled through performance, directed production, co-directed performance, theatre design, or dramaturgical study. Students begin shaping the STP immediately upon enrollment in the major and will work with an assigned project advisor. Capstone course. THTR-4850 Theatre Capstone Internship –Fa, Sp, Su 3 hours The capstone internship has two goals: to culminate the student’s work at Cedarville through professional work experience representing the student’s highest caliber of work and to prepare the student to achieve personal and professional goals. This experience meets the capstone requirement as an alternative from the STP capstone course. Visual Communication Design (VCD) VCD-1050 Applied Design: Tech Tools I –Fa, Sp 3 hours Students learn fundamental, industry-standard and processes and design technologies-Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop-as they apply principles of visual communication design to both print and screen contexts. (Fee:$35) VCD-1200 Design Thinking –Sp 2 hours In this introductory course, students will explore why we design. Through a variety of projects, contextual research opportunities, reading, instruction, and collaboration, students will learn the core principles of the design discipline, design’s role within–and its potential impact on–business and our community, and the ways designers develop innovative insights and compelling ideas that resonate deeply and authentically with ordinary people. (Fee: $50) VCD-2000 History and Influences of Design –Sp 3 hours Survey of design from the 17th century to the present. The course highlights significant stages in the development and pivotal influences of design including technological advances, individual works, key movements, schools of thought, and approaches relative to time(s) and culture(s). Crosslisted with IDES. VCD-2050 Applied Design: Tech Tools II –Sp 3 hours Building on a foundation of technical tools, students will learn advanced technical skills, complex processes, and creative exploration as they apply principles of visual communication design to relevant, practical, and complex design problems and contexts. Prerequisite: VCD-1050 Applied Design: Tech Tools I (Fee: $35) Page 232 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Course Descriptions THTR-3510 – VCD-2050 ART, DESIGN, AND THEATRE