1895-1896 Academic Catalog

s CEOARV!f,LE COLLeGE. south-west; Springfield. twelve miles north ; Londo11, t'venty miles north-east; Co!t1mbns, forty-seven miles north-east, and Cincinnati, seventy n1iles south-vvest. It is in the center of t11e lVIiami Valley, and is one of the prettiest as vvell as 111ost healthful locations in Ol1io– entirely free fron1 iualaria. RELIGION AND MORALS. There are six flourishing cJ1urches in the tovvn– Reformed Presbyterian (G. S.), Refor1ued Presbyterian (S.), United Presbyterian, Methodist Episcopal, Baptist, and A. lVI. E. A weekly' prayer n1eeting \Nill be main– tained by the students. Religious exercises are conducted daily in the chapel. Ninety-nine per cent of the students in attendance this year are professing Christia11s. This is the only college in Greene County under Presbyterian influence. Cedarville is free frorn the !iaznits of vice a1id t!te curse of saloons. The allurements to sin, so rife in large cities and over-crowded colleges, are not found here. REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION. AGE AND SEX. I. As a general rule, no stt1dent will be ad1nitted to the Freshn1an class n1tless :fifteen years of age; nor ,.,.ill any 011e be adn1itted to advanced sta11cling "•ithout corresponding increase of age. Under this rule stttdents should be at least tl1irteen for adn1ission to the first pre– paratory year. Students of both sexes are admitted to tl1e College under the rule adopted by the Trustees i11 189.f. '