2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Mission Statement The goal of the Cedarville University Department of History and Government is to develop ethical, intellectually prepared, and articulate graduates who can refine and integrate an evangelical Christian worldview in their specific disciplines from a reasoned political, economic, and historical perspective, and who can then serve effectively in a diverse global community. Department Objectives Upon completion of courses in the Department of History and Government, students will: • Evidence knowledge of the basic components of their respective academic disciplines. • Participate in graduate study and/or practice as professionals in public and private professions. • Demonstrate competence in the methods and tools of original quantitative and qualitative research and the ability to formulate and express the results. • Exhibit critical analysis in evaluating historical and/or contemporary issues. • Display the ability to integrate biblical truth with their academic disciplines through the investigation and study of society. Personal Requirements A solid high school college preparatory program provides an excellent background for students entering the various majors in the department. Department Requirements To graduate with a degree from the Department of History and Government, students must earn a cumulative average of 2.0 or higher and a “C-” or higher in all courses required by their selected major. In addition, all majors must complete the following: 1. A senior research project under the direction of a faculty advisor. This research project will also be directed by a three-member committee that shall be selected with the advice of their research director and will include at least one professional member outside the Department of History and Government. 2. A presentation of selective senior research projects presented to invited faculty, students, and guests. 3. A major field content assessment exam in their area at the scheduled time during the spring semester of their senior year (as required). Technical Resources A large number of computer software programs are available to students, including: • A variety of presentation programs • Database programs • JStor Research Database • Spreadsheet programs • Statistical analysis programs • Various search engines • Word processing programs • Web and HTML programs Several of the department programs prepare students for careers directly following graduation. Through a variety of modalities (including field work and class presentation by practitioners), students are able to network with actual career representatives and on occasion be exposed to the technologies being utilized by a career area. Programs of Study The Department of History and Government offers the following programs of study: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in: • Criminal Justice • History • International Studies • Political Science • Prelaw • Social Studies Education — Integrated Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in: • Forensic Science* *In cooperation with the Department of Science and Mathematics; see page 201. Minors • Church History • Criminal Justice • National Security • History • International Studies • Political Science • Public Administration • Public Policy • Sociology Cocurricular Opportunities Each major has several professional organizations in which students may participate. Students can also broaden their understanding and knowledge through a variety of travel opportunities, internships, and student organizations. Alpha Delta Nu Alpha Delta Nu provides criminal justice students with the opportunity to enhance their professional development. Members are students who believe that a career in criminal justice is a ministry in a God-ordained institution, which is government. This organization promotes Christian character, leadership, and service through training, information, and networking to supplement academic studies. The society assists students to prepare for a transition to their professional field as practitioners. Cedarville Legal Society The Cedarville Legal Society organizes educational activities related to the application process for law school, preparing to take the LSAT, choosing a major or minor, and selecting a career in law. The organization plans activities such as visits to law schools, trips to court buildings, and events with legal professionals discussing the field of law and careers in that field. The Legal Society hosts forums on current legal issues, establishes relationships between students with common career goals, and promotes the profession of the law. The organization also sponsors the Cedarville Moot Court Team. College Republicans College Republicans is an organization dedicated to the development of Christian leaders in the political arena. Epsilon Pi Lambda History and Government Association is a student organization that provides opportunities for students to grow in their appreciation of the fields of history and government and provide an outlet for pursuing knowledge, obtaining academic support, gaining fellowship, and providing service. 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 135 Department of History and Government Mission Statement