2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Mission Statement The Cedarville University Department of Art, Design, and Theatre is an essential part of a unique, creative, and academic Christ-centered learning community that values a broad study of disciplines in the liberal arts. As Christian artists, we are given the gift of creativity to imitate and honor God as Creator. The Department of Art, Design, and Theatre believes that God has called us to excellence and whatever we do is to the glory and honor of the Creator. We believe that art is a gift and a calling, and that educational success in art, design, or theatre is not measured in income or job placement alone but in how lives are enabled, enriched, enlightened, and transformed. The successful graduate of the Department of Art, Design, and Theatre will: • Glorify God: Demonstrate the appreciation of God’s purpose and design in creation through artistic endeavor. The graduate will exercise the stewardship of God’s gifts as evidenced in a work ethic centered in faith and characterized by diligence, excellence, and honesty. • Think broadly and deeply: Use critical thinking to evaluate and apply historical and cultural knowledge to conceptualize, create, and communicate their art. • Communicate effectively: Be effective with verbal and visual communication while articulating a biblical philosophy of art which reveals an understanding of the integration of faith and learning. • Develop academically and professionally: Demonstrate the understanding and competence of technical skills and media necessary for individual creation of visual or performing art. Graduates will be prepared for graduate study and/or become practitioners in their discipline. • Engage for Christ: Be effective as a spiritual witness to the greater culture simply by being the best artist they can be. The graduate is engaged and involved in creating a viable cultural contribution to the artistic cultures of the University and community. By their humility, intellect, and excellent verbal and visual abilities, they impact the world for Christ. Personal Requirements Scholarships Academic scholarships and other types of financial assistance are available to qualified individuals through Cedarville University Financial Aid. Portfolio Applicants who wish to major in studio art, industrial and innovative design, or visual communication design should follow the standard procedure for admission. A portfolio submission for art and design majors is encouraged but is not a requisite for admission into the program. Portfolios should be submitted digitally or at an arranged on-campus interview. Department Requirements To graduate with a major from the art and design program, students must earn at least a 2.0 cumulative average in all courses required for their major and at least a “C-” in all courses taken to meet specific requirements in their major. Theatre Program Students planning to pursue a major in theatre are best prepared by taking a college preparatory curriculum in high school. Successful students in the major are individuals with abilities in creative expression, critical thinking, problem-solving, and interpersonal interaction. Industrial and Innovative Design, Studio Art, and Visual Communication Design Requirements Freshman Review All entering freshmen are admitted into the visual communication design, industrial and innovative design, and studio art majors on a conditional basis. After the second semester of study, freshmen are evaluated by the art and design faculty to determine whether they are making adequate progress to continue in their respective programs and/or exhibit the talent necessary to be successful in their chosen fields. Students who do not show satisfactory progress and/or talent will be advised to consider other majors unless they show significant improvement. Sophomore Review At the end of the second semester of the sophomore year, industrial and innovative design, studio art, and visual communication design majors are required to apply to the department for upper-divisional standing. The sophomore review is an evaluation of classroom work and performance and intuitive abilities necessary to succeed in the student’s chosen discipline. The art and design faculty will evaluate the student on the basis of academic progress, grade averages in major courses, and intuitive abilities necessary to succeed in the student’s chosen discipline. If necessary, the student may be required to present a portfolio representing every area of his or her work in visual communication design and/or studio art courses at the University. The portfolio should include original two-dimensional work and images of threedimensional work. Students who do not pass their sophomore review will not be allowed to continue in the major. Page 46 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Department of Art, Design, and Theatre Mission Statement