2022-2023 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Transfer Review All students who wish to transfer from another college or university and enroll at Cedarville University as either an industrial and innovative design, studio art, or visual communication design major on the junior or senior level must submit along with their application a digital portfolio with images of two- and three- dimensional work representing collegiate classroom work and art done outside the classroom. The art and design faculty will review this material before acceptance into the program is granted. Art and Design Requirements Capstone Exhibition or Project In addition to the expectation of participation in student and other exhibitions throughout the college experience, all art and design majors are required to exhibit a level of performance for graduation that meets the requirements and standards of the department. For all majors, the capstone requirement is a senior exhibition or project as approved by the department Chair. Fees Lab classes that provide supplies and/or University-provided equipment require fees. These fees do not necessarily cover all the costs for student art materials or personal tools. A portion of the lab fees is utilized for program expenses and costs incurred that directly and indirectly support the needs for program courses. Theatre Requirements Students complete courses in the history, theory, research, and ethics of theatre. Students are required to complete a senior capstone project in research, production, internship, performance, design or directing to graduate. The nature of the project is determined by the emphasis area of the student. Programs of Study The Department of Art, Design, and Theatre offers the following programs of study: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in: • Industrial and Innovative Design • Studio Art • Theatre • Visual Communication Design Minors • Arts Administration • Graphic Design • Interactive Web Design • Studio Art • Theatre • Theatre Design • Theatre Performance Technical Resources Art and design students render and complete class assignments in fully equipped Macintosh computer labs using industry-standard software. A modern theatre and accompanying equipment and facilities are available to theatre majors. The computer network provides tools for research and design. 2022–23 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 47 Department of Art, Design, and Theatre Art and Design Requirements