2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

COLL-0950 International GATEways to Success–Fa, Sp 1 hour This course is designed to help international students adapt to college-level learning in the American classroom and to help them transition to the expectations of “American” time while discovering their own potential to proactively manage and excel in all facets of college life. The class is designed to teach proven cultural adjustment and academic strategies, and address challenges such as plagiarism, intercultural communication, and cultural intelligence while promoting growth in their spiritual walk. The course will build on their new student orientation and provide the foundation for student success, retention, and persistence. This one credit hour course does not count toward the hours needed for graduation. (Fee:$300) COLL-1010 MAP 0 hour MAP (academic probation course) — a unique avenue in which to cultivate scholarship and discipline from a holistic approach for students who are struggling academically. The course is designed to help students in the context of relationship and accountability, to enable students to learn within the dynamics of their lives, to bring concrete strategies to the learning process and to develop skills that will translate into other realms of living. (Fee: $200) Communication Studies (COM) COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech–Fa, Sp 3 hours Public speaking and strong verbal communication skills are critical components of many careers. Students learn to inform others about ideas, advocate for a position, work in groups and teams, listen and critique messages, and practice conflict resolution. These skills are imperative to prepare students for an increasingly diverse workforce. COM-1120 Honors Speech–Fa 3 hours Exposes students to and prepares them for competition in the three general areas of intercollegiate forensic competition: oral interpretation (prose, poetry, dramatic-duo), public speaking (persuasion, informative, communication analysis), and limited preparation events (impromptu and extemporaneous speaking). Prerequisites: Audition; permission of instructor. COM-1150 Communication Seminar–Fa, Sp 1 hour A foundational seminar to provide students with a background in the discipline of communication and an orientation to the professional standards of the discipline. COM-1230 Voice for the Performer–Fa 3 hours See course description for THTR-1230 Voice for the Performer. COM-2000 Persuasive Theory–Fa 3 hours Methods of applying contemporary communication theories on attitudes, involvement, and change are studied along with classical positions on the principles and methods of attitude change and advocacy. COM-2050 Communication Theory–Fa, Sp 3 hours Introduction and critical assessment of communication theories that underlie interpersonal, group, organization, public, mass media, and cultural studies. COM-2140 Intercultural Communication–Fa, Sp 3 hours Provides the foundations of the way communication functions in intercultural settings with a focus on the way culture affects communication. Students learn to identify cultural differences, understand adaptation processes and learn communication effectiveness in cross-cultural contexts. COM-2200 3 hours Communication in Applied Contexts–Fa, Sp Provides students with an opportunity to develop their speaking skills beyond Fundamentals of Speech, emphasizing the use of technology, professional use of public address, and preparation for upper-level applied and speaking courses. Prerequisite: COM-1100 Fundamentals of Speech or COM-1120 Honors Speech. COM-2220 Quantitative Research–Fa 3 hours Students select samples, write surveys, conduct interviews, and administer experiments to discover how communication works in both personal and professional settings. Learning formal methods of inquiry encourages critical thinking, problem solving, good writing, and personal effectiveness. Quantitative research trains students to seek explanations, find answers, and test solutions. COM-2225 Qualitative Research–Sp 3 hours Students conduct interviews, observe interactions, and analyze documents and discourse to understand the cultural and organizational contexts in which they are a part. Qualitative research produces knowledge that promotes effective communication with unique people in particular situations. COM-2300 Voices of Diversity–Fa, Sp 3 hours Examination and critical analysis of the significant contributions and issues related to women, people of color, cultural minority groups, and the differently abled in the development of American cultural history. Cultural, social, and artistic contributions are examined and discussed. Field trips and guest performers/ speakers will be incorporated. COM-2330 3 hours Writing for Communication Professions–Fa This course covers the form and style of writing for internal and external communication, including use of social media and persuasive writing. Coursework includes writing executive summaries, memos, proposals, reports, grants, press releases, and opeds as part of a semester-long project. Students will also learn to manage communication in email, Twitter, and Facebook. COM-2440 Advanced Forensics–Fa, Sp 1 hour Advanced training for intercollegiate forensic competition. Focus on literary and rhetorical criticism, extemporaneous speaking, and the writing of original oratory. Repeatable up to six hours. COM-2510 Media History–Sp 3 hours This course offers the historical foundations of mass communication from colonial America to the present. Focuses on the growth of news and entertainment media within a social, political, and economic framework of each era of development. Particular attention is given to the interaction of minority and mainstream media. COM-2520 Virtual Communication–Fa 3 hours This course will teach students how to be successful biblical and professional virtual communicators through hands-on practice of successful online communication principles and techniques. COM-2820 Political Communication–Fa 3 hours A survey of the theory and practice surrounding the relationship between media and politics. Issues such as the role of media in promoting democracy; media effect theories, political knowledge, and the public’s response to news; and the role of public opinion in an open society will be explored. (even years) COM-3100 Advanced Public Speaking–Sp 3 hours Emphasizes the creative, logical, and audience-centered thinking needed for excellent public address. Students exhibit logical communication skills through writing and speaking assignments. Prerequisite: COM-2200 Communication in Applied Contexts. COM-3150 Gender, Politics, and Communication–Fa 3 hours Using communication theory and biblical application, this course studies the patterns and the effects of communication upon male and female genders identifying the political struggles that are a part of gender relationships and communication. The women’s movement, contemporary masculinity studies, and the Christian church’s response to gender issues are surveyed. 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