2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

GEO-3510 3 hours World Regional Geography: Western Hemisphere–Fa Spatial survey of various regions in the western hemisphere with an emphasis on the cultural, economic, and political developments in relation to the geographical environment. GEO-3520 3 hours World Regional Geography: Eastern Hemisphere–Sp Survey of various regions in the eastern hemisphere with an emphasis on the cultural, economic, and political developments in relation to the geographical environment. GEO-4440 Special Topics: Geography 1–3 hours Investigation of specific topics in Social Science and History that have intrinsic worth and engage student interest. GEO-4920 1–3 hours Independent Study in Geography Provides the means whereby gifted and interested students may explore, in a more in-depth and intensive manner, general information acquired in the major courses. Further, independent study provides a logical way to complete required hours not obtained in normal sequencing. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor. Geology (GEOL) Except where noted, general education courses are designed to meet the general education requirements for graduation. These courses will not count toward graduation requirements for majors found in the School of Science and Mathematics unless they are specifically listed in the curriculum requirements for a major. A student majoring in science or mathematics may take these courses only as electives. However, any course listed for a science or mathematics major or minor may also count toward fulfilling general education requirements. GEOL-1110 Introduction to Physical Geology–Fa 4 hours An introductory study of the earth and its geological processes, including various alternative interpretations of earth history. Laboratory exercises will complement the lecture material and will include local field trips. Three weekly lectures and one weekly laboratory experience. This course satisfies the physical science requirement of the general education requirements. (Fee: $150) GEOL-1120 Historical Geology–Sp 4 hours The earth’s geological history from its beginning to the present. Topics of study include plate tectonics, biological evolution and the meaning of the fossil record, correlation, dating methods, and alternative views of earth history. Required field trips will study local fossils. Three lectures and one laboratory per week. Prerequisite: GEOL-1110 Introduction to Physical Geology. (Fee: $150) GEOL-2030 3.5 hours Geology of the National Parks for Geology Majors–Su This course will explore the geology of the national parks and surrounding areas in specific regions of the United States. It is a two week travel study course. Trip locations may vary from year to year. Six or more major areas will be explored on each trip. Students will be expected to complete a photographic atlas with appropriate geological descriptions of each stop and a term paper describing a particular feature of interest at one of the sites visited. Special emphasis will be placed on how geologic history is interpreted and placed into biblical and conventional frameworks. Students will learn how to make geological observations and take field notes. It is necessary for students to be in good physical shape for occasional hiking in rough terrain and at high altitudes, although requirements can be modified for students unable to do so. Special equipment may be required. Prerequisite: Geology major and at least one previous GEOL course. (Fee: will vary from year to year; will be used to cover lodging, car rental, gas and other expenses. Transportation to and from the trip starting location and food expenses will be covered by the students.) GEOL-2100 Mineralogy–Fa 4 hours The student will study the occurrence, associations, characteristics, and crystal chemistry of common minerals. Laboratory work will emphasize identification and recognition of minerals. Prerequisites: GEOL-1110 Introduction to Physical Geology; CHEM-1110 General Chemistry I (corequisite). (Fee: $150) (even years) GEOL-2810 Geology Field Work and Research–Su 1–4 hours This course gives a student an opportunity to work alongside an active geologist in the field and/or the laboratory. The student must get approval from his advisor and submit a written description of the work to be performed before the experience begins. The student must submit notes and a summary of the work completed when the experience is over. Hours are variable depending on the length of the experience and the work completed. Prerequisites: sophomore geology major and advisor approval of the proposal. GEOL-3100 Geomorphology–Sp 4 hours The student will study the formation, development, and denudation of the earth’s surface features as a function of rates, processes, and time. Landform analysis will be completed with topographic maps, aerial photographs, and stereo photographs. Prerequisites: GEOL-1110 Introduction to Physical Geology; GEOL-1120 Historical Geology. (Fee: $150) (even years) GEOL-3200 Invertebrate Paleontology–Fa 4 hours Many aspects of the fossil record will be studied including preservation, variation, and identification of fossils. Uses of invertebrate fossils including biostratigraphy, paleoecology, and biogeography will be discussed. Various evolutionary concepts will be presented, including baraminology. Laboratory experiences will include required field trips and identification and recognition of North American fossil species. Prerequisites: BIO-1115 Biology I: Cell Biology; GEOL-1120 Historical Geology. (Fee: $150) (odd years) GEOL-3300 Petrology–Sp 4 hours Students will study the occurrence and origin of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks and learn how to identify them. Required field trip. Prerequisite: GEOL-2100 Mineralogy; CHEM1120 General Chemistry II (corequisite). (Fee: $500) (even years) GEOL-3400 Structural Geology–Fa 4 hours Mechanics of rock deformation and the study of various structures in all types of rocks. Required field trip. Prerequisite: GEOL-3300 Petrology; GEOL-3100 Geomorphology and PHYS2120 General Physics II (corequisites). (Fee:$150) (odd years) GEOL-3600 Readings in Geology–Fa 1 hour Students will read and discuss a current text or series of papers. The purpose is to help the student become more familiar with the geological research and literature. Part of the course requirements may include attending a national or regional GSA conference. Course may be taken up to three times for credit. Prerequisite: GEOL-1120 Historical Geology. (Fee:$150) GEOL-3800 3 hours Philosophy of Science and Research Methods in Geology–Sp By its nature, geological research and its resultant interpretations are heavily paradigm-driven. This course will examine the scientific method and study the development of various scientific paradigms, especially those within geology. Students will learn productive ways to integrate their faith with science and how to apply that to a research method that arrives at conclusions without compromising data. The merits of various models of earth history will be critiqued. Prerequisite: GEOL-1120 Historical Geology; 16 hours of geology courses and junior status. 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 263 Course Descriptions GEO-3510 – GEOL-3800