2023-2024 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Music Education (MUED) MUED-1000 NAfME–Fa, Sp 0 hours The National Association for Music Education exists to advance music education by encouraging the study and making of music by all. NAfME is the primary professional organization for music educators. The campus chapter provides informative seminars including a focus on Value Added Assessment along with service activities. NAfME offers music educators a connection to the professional world of music education and increased understanding of the role of NAfME in the field of music teaching. All music education majors are required to enroll in this course as part of their professional development and career preparation. A minimum of 8 semesters of satisfactory participation is required. (Fee: $60) MUED-2730 2 hours Wind and Percussion Methods for Music Educators–Sp Class instruction in basic playing and teaching of all band instruments. Required for the vocal major pursuing the Bachelor of Music Education degree and instrumental performance majors; open to others by permission of the instructor. (Fee: $40) (even years) MUED-2870 Brass Methods for Music Educators–Fa 2 hours Class instruction in basic playing and teaching of the brass instruments – trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone, tuba. (Fee: $40) (even years) MUED-2900 Guitar Methods for Music Educators–Sp 1 hour Class instruction in basic playing and teaching of guitar. Required of music education majors pursuing the choral track. Open to other students by permission of instructor. (Fee: $40) MUED-2910 2 hours Woodwind Methods for Music Educators–Sp Class instruction in basic playing and teaching of the woodwind instruments – flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, and bassoon. (Fee: $40) (even years) MUED-2930 String Methods for Music Educators–Fa 2 hours Class instruction in basic playing and teaching of the string instruments – violin, viola, cello, string bass. (Fee: $40) (odd years) MUED-2950 2 hours Percussion Methods for Music Educators–Sp Class instruction in basic techniques, playing and teaching of the snare drum, tympani, and other tuned percussion instruments. (Fee: $40) (odd years) MUED-3710 Music for Early Childhood–Fa 3 hours Music literature and teaching aids for children, including basic music theory, development of skills on keyboard, classroom instruments, and voice; music in the curriculum; and teaching music concepts. (Fee: $30) MUED-3720 Music for Adolescent/Young Adults–Sp 3 hours The history of and basis for music in the secondary curriculum, administration of the music program, methods of teaching music in groups, and sources of materials for instruction. (Fee: $30) MUED-3730 Vocal Pedagogy–Fa 2 hours Philosophy, objectives, and techniques of offering vocal instruction at all levels with emphasis on vocal production and pedagogical approaches. Prerequisite: CLMU-1860 Voice Class or completion of sophomore vocal review. MUED-3750 Instrumental Pedagogy–Fa 2 hours The study of techniques and literature for the teaching of wind, percussion, brass, and string students in the private studio. Investigation of studio teaching through readings, interaction and discussion. Prerequisite: PLMU 1000 and 2000-levels. (odd years) MUED-3910 Instrumental Administration–Fa 3 hours A course designed to present the philosophy, learning process, and organizational problems associated with beginning, intermediate, and advanced bands. Along with classroom instruction, students will be involved in marching band field experiences and hands-on instruction in the basic repair of band instruments. (Fee: $50) (even years) MUED-4990 1–3 hours Independent Study in Music Education Independent and intensive study in a particular area of music education for individual music education majors who demonstrate special interests and ability. Nursing (NSG) NSG-1000 Member of Nursing Profession–Fa, Sp, Su 2 hours An introduction to and application of professional nursing roles within the U.S. and global healthcare systems. Includes discussion of ways of thinking, professional ethics, Christian values, and factors that motivate and influence Christian nurses. As members of the profession, students are introduced to the use of information management skills, concepts of care, and the culture of the profession from a biblical and Christian framework. (Fee: $150) NSG-1050 Health Promotion and Wellness–Fa, Sp, Su 3 hours Through course content, theories of health and wellness are explored as foundational concepts of the professional nursing role. Students are introduced to the principles of nutrition, culture and diversity, development across the lifespan, and multi-dimensional nursing care. The development of a biblical worldview related to health and wholeness is emphasized. Prerequisite: NSG-1000 Member of Nursing Profession or by permission of instructor; corequisite: NSG-1055 Experiences in Health Promotion.(Fee: $150) NSG-1055 Experiences in Health Promotion–Sp, Su 1 hour Clinical and laboratory experiences provide the student with opportunities to apply concepts of health promotion, wellness, nutrition, communication, hygiene, sleep, exercise, and safety to the care of patients and families. Prerequisites: NSG-1000 Member of Nursing Profession; corequisite: NSG-1050 Health Promotion and Wellness; or permission of instructor. (Fee $150) NSG-1170 Cross-Cultural Motivation–Fa, Sp, Su 1 hour This course is designed to have students explore and understand their own cultural beliefs and values, in order to begin the process of becoming culturally responsive nurses in a variety of healthcare settings. Students will learn how to articulate their worldview of nursing, the constructs of the nursing metaparadigm, and how to begin viewing nursing as a ministry for Christ. NSG-2000 Roles in Disease Prevention–Fa 4 hours Principles of disease prevention are explored as foundational concepts of the professional role, emphasizing safety, communication, infection control, nutrition, stress, coping, anxiety, and grief. The course focuses on the development of systematic approaches to individual health and physical assessment, and documentation of findings using appropriate technology in both laboratory and clinical settings. Prerequisite: GBIO-2010 Human Anatomy and Physiology or by permission of instructor. (Fee: $300) 2023–24 Undergraduate Academic Catalog Page 283 Course Descriptions MUED-1000 – NSG-2000