The Cedarville Herald, Volume 23, Numbers 1-26

FARMERS THE HOME INSURANCE tO, IOF NEW YORK! Every Description of Town and Farm Property Insured Against « f i r e , * D g b t n i n g , C y c lo n e s , U l i n d s t o r a i s , t o r n a d o e s . F*1T£I Y lQ i r t f l one °* the questions of the hour;. l ^ A . C l l f b u t it is not so important to your immediate welfare as the question Is Your Property In­ sured Against Tornadoes, Cyclones, or Windstorms. Experts of the signal service say that a Tornado Policy in a good company is the only safeguard against loss. A A t /Y n / t n And protect your property for ***■'■■' * * • ' an a trifling sum by securing a Windstorm Policy in the MEDITATION (From Life.) T R U S T S ! Some people disapprove of Trusts, but every man who thinks for himself will avoid one Trust namely: “Trust to Luck” in the presence of a TORNADO ! ■ 1 It is much safer to place your trust in some good insurance company at such times, there is none better or safer than OF NEW YORK, Procure one of its special Windstorm Policies. SCENE AT KIRK.SVII.LE, MO , APRIL 27,1899. Farmers Insuring in This Company Do Not Thereby Incumber Their Property or Make Themselves . Liable For the Losses of Others. JWhy insure iu n corporation without a dollar of capital, or in some weak company, when full protection can he had in a company like THE HOME of NewYork? THE HOHE’S most liberal fni in policy and simple application is very taking with the farmers generally. Hundreds of them are now insuring in this reliable old Company in Ohio THE HOMES* $12,808,395,95 assets and $4,631,936.41 cash surplus not Ouly-preparea them to carry your Fire policy, but enables them to protect your property against loss or damage from the dreadeacyclmae. No one knows when it start on its mission of destruction, laying waste your beautiful homes. Many of our citizens-and sturdy farmers are seeking the HOME’S protection against noth fire nnd tornauo. lweryoody should remember that the HOME pays a large direct tax in your county on every dollar received from its citizens ftfr insurance; and when you have a los 3 your neighbors will not interfere and say that your barn was ru your dwelling needed painting, and your household goods were not very valuable. n down, and m Granary Barns &; Gribs. HAY MAKING. . . i eve*T member said company shall be and hereby is bound nnd obliged to pay his portion of all losses nnd expenses happening or occurring in or to said company, and all buildings insured by and with the^coTtmuanec^of higher or 1 h ^ interest of the insured to the lands on which they stand, shall: be pledged to said company; and the said company slmH haven lien thereon against the insured, during Last but not least, the stock fire policy in a standard company like the H0ME is the only security that is gen­ erally accepted by bankers or financial institutions in connection with loans on town o r farm property. MORAL—Insure Your Property in the HOME OF NEW YORK With W . L . C L E M A N S , A g e n t, C e d a rv V, l, SMITH, Cedarville, 0 . CHAS. A. DAVIS, Jamestown, 0. W. H, BLESSING, South Solon, 0 . EDGAR SNYDER S *U « ,