Cedarville Magazine, Fall 2023

FOUNDERS HALL: CEDARVILLE’S ORIGINAL “ACADEMIC CENTER” The year was 1895, the second year of operation for the young Cedarville College. The first college building was now completed on the original 9.3 acres and opened in September. This photo of the new College Hall, with students and faculty gathered outside, captures that first day — a significant moment in time. The 1895–1896 college catalog describes the new facilities: “The basement contains a gymnasium, a chemical room, toilet rooms, coal cellars, and the heating apparatus. On the first floor there are four classrooms, the chapel and the President’s room. On the second floor, four classrooms, a large lecture room, and the library. Two large society rooms occupy the entire third floor…. Standing in the center of campus, the building presents an attractive and imposing appearance.” Thus, with a gym, classrooms, a chapel, a library, offices, and meeting rooms, this building, today called Founders Hall, was certainly the “academic center” of its day. 39 MOMENT IN TIME