The Ohio Independent Baptist, May 1973

Three Very Important Events THREE IMPORTANT EVENTS are to take place during this month of MAY. The FIRST of these is . . . . our OARBC STATE YOUTH RALLY. This is to be held at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Columbus, 0 hi o - May 19th. There will be workshops and spe– cial meetings. Dr. Jack Wyrtzen will be speaking at the rally. The sum of $2.00 ( advance registra– tion) should be sent to Rev. Wil– bur Parrish, 1148 Gallia Street, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662. The balance of $2.50 is to be paid when you arrive at the Auditori– um. Be there for a great after– noon-I: 00 to 5: 00. The SECOND of these is . . . . the R E G U L A R BAPTIST PRESS LEADERSHIP SEMI– NAR. This is for Pastors, Super:· intendents and Christian Educa– tion men. It will be held at Camp Patmos on Kelleys Island-May 21 through 23. Think of it-NO CHARGE! Meals and l(?dging absolutely FREE! Send your reg– istration and $5 .00 to Dr. Fred - Barlow, Regular Baptist Press, 1800 Oakton Blvd., Des Plaines, Illinois-60018. This money will be refunded you on your arrival at Camp Patmos. The THIRD of these is .... our OARBC M E N ' S RE– TREAT. These dates are May 24-26. It is to be held at Sky View Ranch. The program be– gins Thursday evening with sup– per at 6:30. Dr. Hugh Hall is our guest speaker. Send your reg– istration to Rev. Wm. F. Rus– sell , 4420 Second Street, N.W., Canton, Ohio 44708. The sum of $3.00 should accompany your registration. The balance of $9.00 should be paid after arriving at Sky View Ranch. Those attend– ing only part of the time, the cost will be pro-rated. DON'T FOR– GET- Any church sending a group of ten men- the pastor may attend FREE! Any church sending a group of five men- the pastor may attend for half price! HE OHIO INDEPENDENT BAPTIST Special Recognition Given For Faithful Service Recently at the Calvary Baptist Church, Findlay, Ohio, special recog– nition was given to Mr. Michael Hooks for his work as Youth Director. Rev. Richard Snavely, pastor of the church, in behalf of the Board of Deacons and the Calvary Church family, presented Brother Hooks with a plaque in ap– preciation of his faithful ministry. He was also granted an extra week of va– cation during 1973 and a cash gift of $200. Pastor Snavely pointed out the spiritual blessings Brother Hooks brought to Calvary- the young people saved, those who have matured in the Lord and the youth who are now pre– paring for the Lord's work in Chri stian schools. Since 1964 there has been a 124 percent increase in Sunday School attendance but a 730 percent increase in the Young Peoples Department. He also mentioned Brother Hooks' active participation in our OARBC state youth programs as a member of the State Youth Committee, a Camp Patmos trustee, Camp Patmos commit– tee for operating the summer camp and developing many of the improve– ments there. Appreciation was also voiced to Mrs. Hooks for her service at Calvary. Pastor Mike has assumed the posi– tion of Minister of Education. Brother Dan Cecil, recently hired by the churcl1, is the new Minister of Youth . VOL. 45, NO. 8 MAY, 1973 To Undergo Open Heart Surgery Urgent prayer is requested for Rev. John S. White, pastor of the Berean Baptist Church in Oregon, Ohio. Brother White is suffering from a very serious heart condition. He recently underwent examination. The doctors found that the right artery is partially blocked and that a by-pass ( vein taken from the leg and used as a detour around the blockage) procedure will be used . Further examination , however, re– vealed that the left artery is so badl y occluded that a by-pass may not be possible there. This will not be deter– mined until surgery takes place. As of this writing, the operation is yet fu– ture . We call upon our O.I .B. readers to pray for our brother, hi s wife and hi s children. Such surgery is most ex– pensive. Pray! J n a recent letter from Mrs. White, she wrote, "While he ( Brother White ) was in the hospital, he led two to the Lord . He also found a Chri sti an nurse and she brought folk for counseling. The Lord is working in our midst- 13 deci sions just two weeks ago!" Why not drop a card to our brother and Jet him know you are standing by in prayer. Write- Rev. John S. White , Berean Baptist Church, 4058 Starr Avenue, Oregon, Ohio 43616. April 25 is the date of Brother White's open heart surgery. A fulJ report regarding this will appear in our JUNE issue. Not only is the operation most delicate - the matter of his recuperating will take time . PRAY and WRITE!! CHRISTIAN SCHOOL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES The Baptis t Chris t ian Schoo l of Cl evela nd , Ohio, has the follow ing posi t ions avail able . M usi c Inst ruc tor both elemen tary and seconda ry Pr1nc1pal e lemen tary or secondary Contact: Mr. Walter F. Garland, Administrator Baptist Christian School 27200 Emery Road Cleveland, Ohio 44128 MAY, 1973 3 i