The Wishing Cap

THE WISHING-CAP. 13 their rooms; and the whip and the rocking-horse were sent back to the shop; but little Charles was asked to breakfast with the lady in the parlour. And she said to him, “ I begin to think your papa was a wise man, when he taught you to seek for nothing but God’s blessing; for I see that having the things we wish for, does not always make us the happier.” Little Charles was much pleased when he heard the lady speak so kindly; and he asked her to forgive the other children ; but she would not. And now I will tell you how little Charles received at last, what he had secretly desired above all things, and how happy it made him. About two months after this time, all the children were taken ill with a fever, which was then going about the city. They all recovered, however, but little Charles: for though the lady took great care of him,, because she now began to love him, and though a very skilful doctor came often to see him, yet he got worse and worse. For many days he could not speak, and did not know any body. At last, the time of his death drew very near. He had been asleep; and opened his eyes while the lady was