The Wishing Cap

THE WISHIFG-CAP. 5 fine things the wishing-cap will produce.’’ The children were all pleased to see the lady sit down among them; and while they were drinking their tea they talked a great deal about the wishing- cap. “ What can a wishing-cap be ?” said Louisa, who was the youngest; “ and how can it bring fine things ?” “ I never heard of a wishing-cap in all my life,” said James “ 1 want tea to be over, that we may see it.” “ O,” said Charlotte, “ I know what is meant by a wishing-cap. I remember reading of a man in a fairy-tale, who had a wishing-cap; and when he put this cap on, and wished for any thing, he had it immediately: but I thought there were no such things really as wishing caps? except in fairy tales.” “Well, well,” said the lady, “we shall see what kind of wishing-cap I can make ; but I must tell you, my wishing- cap is not so good a one as the man’s in the fairy tale ; it will only produce such things as may be easily had ; it will not bring wonders to pass.” In this manner they went on talking till tea was over, and the tea-things carried away. Then the lady drew her chair to the fire, and bidding the chil­