The Yellow Springs American, Volume 1, Numbers 1-22

m i VOLUM E 1 - - NUMBER 1 YELLOW SPRINGS, OHIO , THURSDAY , JUNE 11, 1953 EDUCATION BUILDING SPEEDS ONWARD: 3 PROJECT m ,-.xc • Elementary School Kettering Laboratory, New School, North Hall Progress By Jltm Truestar architects. The flatter at construction Work. Harold Tanner, director of re­ in Yellow Springs is competing with search for the foundation will he the clatter of the cicadas these in charge of the Yellow Springs days. The song of the male <icada' laboratory, may be sweet music to its mate, but Another building project made no sweet* r, we’d Imagine, t h a n ; possible by the Kettering Founds* j what the constructive noise of the* » ,,« wilt be the now Antioch Col- |pic« ftf Ul(i Association For Civic Workers on three local building j lege library, which will ho local- Action in Miami township on Fri-j projects, is to the civic-minded real- j o,i on South College Street bo- : day, June I t beginning at 8 p. w, tween the «ie «e e kidding and tlie gymnasium, Ground wilt he broken on this project early next Spring. An interesting fact on the recon- struction of Old North Hail is that formaU?c ta5ks concerning their „ ............ ..............„ ________ a fire like the one which destroyed ; * » * * * » experiences in the Com- bcautifui now elementary school f the stroctiire in February wilt be ' I7lUn st par_>j ;M fl To Sponsor {Friday Evening j A patriotic lecture open to the ! ‘ public designed to alert citizens to f l the dangers of Communism will he| j!held at the Yelow Springs high ! school gymnasium under the mis- dents of Hi'1 town. And the pride will he men greater when the three proj­ ects are completed. They ares The Kettering Foundation build­ ing and the reconstruction of North Hail at the college and the | Featured speakers wil be Martha - and Ed Edmiston, former under- J ; cover agents for the FBI. Mr, and ' Mrs, Edmiston are well-known In f [Ohio for their stimulating and in­ fe r Yellow* Spring*. prevented by the new steel floor- Work on the Kettering building ing. Corrigaled steel floor reih-| began in mid-March and is expect- forcements are now in the process ! Cd to be completed in mid-January, of being installed. This steel will | 3954. When lit complete operation support a four-inch reinforced con- 50 to 200 people will be employed at eret** fioor and Will serve as a the research center; 25 people will wiling for the floor below, be employed at the start Of opera-1 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL tions, 1 Here is a brief thumbnail sketch The three-story brick laboratory ot the work on the new elementary building with 3000 square feet of,schools floor space Will consolidate alt the* Architects: E. 0. Lnndcburg Kettering research art photosynlhe-; and Associates, sis into one bulidirtg With the ex- \ ception of small contract WOrk now' being done by other university la- j boralorics, The Kettering research Oft photosynthesis, that mysterious way in which lfu» energy of the sun is utilized by aii growing plants, first Jiegan at A n t i o c h when Charles F. Kettering gave tho science building to the col­ lege in 1830, In recent scars work on this project has also been done In Mr, KetterinV* own labora­ tory in Dayton. Both Uic wofk'nt the science building and the work being done in Dayton will be mov­ ed to the new building upon its Completion, The $500,000 building Is being constructed by th e M a x o n Con­ struction Company of Dayton, Lor­ enz and Williams of Dayton are the While living In Columbus tit 1339 the couple observed the ac­ tivities o f the Communist parly and being alarmed at what they1 saw and heard, they contacted the FBI and, Within a few months Were trusted party members, but were making daily reports to the FlpL They were expelled from the party lit 1941 when their Un- j (leftover activities were discover- j ed. It Is from this backgronnd t that the two draw Upon to give I their Comprehensive t a l k s to J gatherings in the Miami Valley, s General Contractors: Wood Fabricators Ijsc. Bcllefontaine, HCfitlWf Mtt& FlumbSng: Gas- ling Company,, Lancaster Electric Work: Silver Elec» trie Compshf, . _ , , „ , Value of Building: Approx. 53911-; ? seruy i” and ^ 1 090 plus 160.099 federal aid. Mr. and Mrs. Edmiston are now J living in Wayncsvilie. A former at- j torhey and newspAperman, he is? now* employed with an advertising; .Sub-walks, grading, sliding, tree and stump removal Frank Ca* rano, Dfamage Tiic and Catch Basins— i Don Waidren--L’ rbana. 1Tree Trimming - Davey Tree Ex- i pert* -Kent, Ohio, ' Blacklopping $3214—A. J, Johnston, Work Started: May 1, 1952. ■ton is public informatioon officer s at Wright Patterson Air F o r c e : Base. * | j A spokesman for the Association , For Civic Action states that the) *pubtic is invited to the meeting Fri- > day and that there is no admis-j tsion charge. i tary rhythm danci- at the Spring- field high school on Tuesday eve­ ning, June 2 in connection with j the KJingboil-Sheer studio review In Dance Review Harold Fogg, son of Mr. and Mrs,! where he is a dance student. Robin Kingsley Fogg of Yellow Springs. Goodfellow, daughter of Mr, and dio on Wednesday evening. ‘.Mrs. Douglas Goodfellow Was in a was one of the members of a mill- j fiesta tap revelw for the same stu- m Kettering Laboratory THE PURPOSE, AIMS AM) POLICY OFTHIS NEWSPAPER This newspaper—the Yellow Spring* American—comes to you today us un migmentary organ o f (irecuc County event* and beliefs. It is fitting, therefore, that WC state the purpose of our existence, the aims of our common, endeavors and the policy of our operation. It also is proper and fair that wc correct certain false rumor that has iiccn spread, Inadvertently or purposely, as to the res-seii for the birth of Inis newspaper. THE PLAIN, unvarnished fact Is that this newspaper seek« to render a service to a wide segment Of Greene County including Yellow' Springs, Our goal wifi be to aid in the advancement o f the Yeiow Springs area; to give Voice to alt men with worthy Causes, denying none; to protect all the freedoms the American public wow enjoys; to disseminate news happenings as they occur; to criticise that which Is not good for the majority of the people and to condone and praise that which endeavors t«r build the town, playing puppet to no special Interest but for thfe good Of all mankind everywhere. WE DC NOT SEEK TO REPLACE ANY NEWSPAPER NOW BEING PRINTED IN YELLOW SPRINGS OR ELSEWHERE, We believe In the right of free enterprise as guaranteed by the tinlted States Constitution and ask only that we may operate th«r. enterprise on an equitable and just business basis. Those are our purposes and aims. Our policy is to be free in tho editing of the news and the selection; of our material for editorial comment—the right of any newspaper—and to be always upright, frank and fair in the printed presentation of such material, AT NO TIME will tve seek to undermine the Yellow' .Springs News or any other newspaper, even though we may disagree tqaut OCassir with views as presented in other papers, Their views are their ,it 'rican: right, guaranteed them h.V the blood and sweat in Our forefathers' fight for freedom' nnd independence. And while we may take an opposite view* at times, we ask only that we, have the same right to present our own views. Like Voltaire, although wo might disagree with what others say, we wilt defend unto the death their right to say it, 5 ANY EDITOR who expresses his opinions in a frank manner, and with courage, continues to stand on his convictions is more In bo admired than condemned. It is not at ali American to render,>» a man simply because his beliefs do not coincide with yours. That was one of the concepts upon which this country was founded. We seek subsidy’ from no source ami will try only to operate this enterprise, on a sound, fair and friendly competitive btisine*« basis so that our only "allegiance is to the people who buy and read this newspaper. Our hope is that we may he, a welcpme addition to your homelife ieltch week and our aim is to serve you, GERALD H, COY, I’CBOHHER