Cedarville 2023 Parent Guidebook

16 | Academic Essentials Academic Resources Library The Centennial Library serves the academic needs of the students, faculty and staff of Cedarville University. The Cove (Academic Enrichment Center) The Cove’s mission is to help all students succeed at Cedarville by providing academic support and resources. They providemany, many hours of tutoring, several classes, and a variety of services all to help students in their academics! The Cove serves undergraduate, graduate, and College Now students. Tutoring: Tutoring labs (10 hours ormath lab), peer coaches (weekly review sessions for the highest risk classes), small group tutoring (one hour eachweek for up to two classes). Hours and hours of FREE tutoring! Courses: Foundations (required for about 200 students), MAP-probation course, and Intermediate Algebra. Services: Faculty academic coaching (20 hours a week), Disability Services, support for athletes, undeclared students, andmore. Career Services Themission of Cedarville University Career Services Office is to assist Cedarville students and alumni to develop a Christ-honoring approach to vocation through services that facilitate career exploration and the development of lifelong career navigational skills, while continually networking to enhance opportunities. Career Coaching Our full-time staff includes professional career coaches and resume writers who are available to help you take your next big step toward fulfilling your calling. Internships Internships are a great way to apply what you’re learning in courseworkwhile obtain real-world experience. You’ll alsomake connections and build your resume.