Cedarville 2023 Parent Guidebook


WELCOME. ....................................3–12 Communication Resources.....................6 Cedarville Experiences............................ 7 Get Involved With Cedarville...................8 Communication Policy........................... 12 ACADEMIC ESSENTIALS. ................. 13–18 Academic Calendar. .............................. 13 Academic Program................................ 14 Academic Resources............................. 16 RESIDENCE LIFE............................19–22 Room Furnishings and Information...... 21 CO-CURRICULAR LIFE. .................. 23–28 Chapel. .................................................. 28 Student Organizations...........................23 On-Campus Jobs. ..................................24 Study Abroad. ....................................... 25 Global Outreach.................................... 26 Athletics..................................................27 International Student Services..............27 HEALTH AND SAFETY..................... 29–36 Campus Security................................... 29 University Medical Services. ................. 31 Counseling Services..............................33 Title IX.....................................................35 Recreation and Wellness Center...........35 STUDENT SERVICES. ......................37–46 Financial Aid...........................................37 Postal Services.......................................38 Campus Dining.......................................39 Cashiers Office....................................... 41 Information Technology.........................43 Campus Store. .......................................45 Airport Shuttles......................................46 VISITING CAMPUS.........................47–50 Area Accommodations..........................47 Local Restaurants. .................................48 Village Businessess...............................49 Things to Do.......................................... 50 TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents | 3

Welcome I graduated fromCedarville College 36 years ago, and I just finishedmy 35th year as a staffmember. But several years ago, I was looking at Cedarville University differently than I ever had before – as a PARENT! My oldest daughter graduated with Cedarville’s class of 2020, mymiddle daughter graduated in 2022, andmy youngest daughter is a current student. As an alumnus, staffmember, and now a parent, I could not bemore excited about where Cedarville is today andwhere we are headed. The transition to being the parent of a Cedarville student brought some unique insights during our oldest daughter’s first year, though. One of those was our desire formore communication!While we live only amile from campus, we seldom sawKylie (she was a crazy busy college student, right?), andwhen she did call home, the kind of information she sharedwas not necessarily what was happening on campus, or who was speaking in chapel, or what programs we might be interested in hearing about. It was about HER. I realized that parents needed a better way to be engagedwith Cedarville andwhat is happening on campus. It is my hope that Parent Connect, prepared especially for parents of current Cedarville students, does just that! My goal is to send you information at least twice amonth that can help you navigate your student’s college experience— like school break times, when the semester ends, when your student has to be out of the residence hall, and how to access the livestreamof chapel. If you are not getting Parent Connect notifications, subscribe at cedarville.edu/parents. As Director of Development, I recognize that parents are one of ourmost important strategic relationships. I look forward to hearing fromyou – let me know the kinds of things youwant to hear about. Howwould you like to become more connectedwith Cedarville as a parent? We will be praying for you as you start this new journey with your student. Please reach out at parents@cedarville.edu if I can be of help. Jeff Beste Director of Development Email: bestej@cedarville.edu

Welcome | 5 Welcome Welcome to the Cedarville Family! We are so excited to have you and your student as members of the Cedarville family. We look forward to creating lastingmemories with you and the Cedarville community at events like Getting StartedWeekend, homecoming, tree lighting ceremony, and commencement. We want to be a resource to you as your student navigates his or her college experience at Cedarville. This parent resource guide contains important tools and information for you as a parent. While each section in the guide provides an overview, more information is always available at cedarville.edu. As members of the Cedarville family, you are a vital part of our community. We want to keep you informed through timely communication and diverse opportunities for involvement. Information especially for you can be found on our website at cedarville.edu/parents. To stay up to date onwhat is happening at Cedarville, take advantage of the resources on the following pages.

6 | Welcome Communication Resources Parent Connect Blog Throughout the year, Cedarville University shares important campus updates through the Parent Connect blog. These updates are sent via an electronic newsletter. Our goal with the newsletter is to provide parents with timely information and resources to help you best support your student’s success. Please visit cedarville.edu/parents to see previous editions of the blog and to sign up to receive the updates. Parent Connect Facebook Group You’re invited to join the Cedarville University Parent Connect Facebook group! This is a great place for parents tomeet one another, ask questions, offer advice, and connect withAlumni and Parent Relations. Request to join the group by searching for “Cedarville University Parent Connect” on Facebook. Cedarville Social Media Cedarville University Instagram: @cedarville Facebook: @cedarville Twitter: @cedarville Cedarville Athletics Instagram: @cujackets Facebook: @cujackets Twitter: @cujackets Cedarville University Alumni Instagram: @cvillealumni Facebook: @cvillealumni Twitter: @cvillealumni Campus Communication Occasionally, Cedarville will communicate with parents regarding a situation on campus. Email is the primarymeans of communicationwith familymembers. Make sure Cedarville has your current email address by using the “Email Subscription” form, apps.cedarville.edu/EmailSubscription. Additionally, please use this link to let Cedarville know anytime you have a change of mailing address, email address, or phone number. Contact the Parent Relations Office Email: parents@cedarville.edu Phone: 937-766-7634 Visit us on campus: Located in the Advancement Suite of the Tyler Digital Communication Building

Welcome | 7 Cedarville Experiences Getting Started Getting StartedWeekend is one of themost memorable experiences you’ll have at Cedarville. It’s a great way to officially begin your Cedarville experience. Whether you’re a new student or the parent of one, we guarantee you’ll feel welcomed into the Cedarville family. To learnmore visit, cedarville.edu/gettingstarted. Homecoming Weekend Parents, alumni, and friends of Cedarville can enjoy two days of fun on campus at HomecomingWeekend, typically the first full weekend of October. A variety of events will take place including the Homecoming Parade, a special Homecoming Chapel and an exciting worship finale. To view the full schedule and register, go to cedarville.edu/homecoming. We hope to see you there! Li’l Sibs Weekend Li’l SibsWeekend is an annual Cedarville tradition that will be held this year in February! Younger siblings of current Cedarville students are invited to spend the weekend on campus and participate in a variety of fun activities. Check out cedarville.edu/lilsibs formore information. Commencement Graduation is a special time of celebration that marks the completion of your student’s college education , and is held the first Saturday inMay. Students, parents, family, faculty and staff all gather in the Doden Field House to watch the ceremony. Information regarding graduation can be found at cedarville.edu/graduation. Emergency Notification If youwould like to be notified about a security or weather event on campus, you can have your student add you to the Emergency Notification System through the Sign Up for Emergency Notifications task inmyCU. He or she should add you as one of the “Other Phone Contacts.”

8 | Welcome Get Involved With Cedarville Parents Leadership Council The Parents Leadership Council (PLC) has some of Cedarville University’s most committed parents, whose philanthropy sustains and enhances top-notch academic and co-curricular programs while strengthening the University’s reputation. Members are leaders in financial support, ambassadorship, and activities that make a difference for Cedarville students. PLCmembers are confident ambassadors for Cedarville University because they are equippedwith current information. At biannual meetings, they spend time with PresidentWhite, the President’s cabinet, facultymembers, and administrative staff. Members foster communication between Cedarville University and parents to improve the quality of the University experience for Cedarville students and their parents. Council members will serve as liaisons, reflecting the views of the parents to the administration and communicating with parents about the goals and plans of the University. Parents who have a love for God, an affinity for Cedarville, and a desire to serve others are welcome to apply to the Parents Council. As the parent leaders of the Cedarville University community, PLCmembers bring expertise, a philanthropic spirit, and a passion for Cedarville University to the table, and their work and involvement is greatly valued. Formore information about Parents Council, email parents@cedarville.edu.

Welcome | 9 Give to Cedarville When you partner with us, you join in ourmission to transform lives through excellent education and intentional discipleship in submission to biblical authority. Your generous gifts make the 1,000-day Cedarville journey possible for young people who desire a truly life-changing Christian education. Your investment in Cedarville helps equips our students to go into the world and make a difference for Jesus Christ in their careers, their communities, and their churches. cedarville.edu/give Ways to Give Cedarville Fund The Cedarville Fund is made up of annual gifts from individuals and organizations and serves as a consistent source of funding that helps the University pursue its key priorities. By establishing and cultivating Christcentered relationships, we help Cedarville fulfill its mission. 1. Your gifts of any size make an eternal difference! 2. Nearly one-third of the dollars raised by the Cedarville Fund are distributed as student aid. Your gifts to the Cedarville Fund attract and retain academically talented and ministry-minded students. 3. Cedarville is one of just a few Christian colleges that requires a Bible minor. Your Cedarville Fund gifts help make that happen. 4. Christian ministries are a signature element of the Cedarville experience. More than 1,000 students, faculty, and staff participate in local ministries and mission trips. Your gifts to the Cedarville Fund carry Christ’s love “beyond the bubble.” 5. Cedarville Fund gifts support academic departments. Your gifts strengthen Cedarville’s academic programs by providing needed resources. Monthly Giving Program By givingmonthly, you invest the amount that makes sense for you and have an incredible impact over the course of yourmembership on students who are preparing to have a global Kingdom impact. Monthly gifts enable us to invest in specific areas of need, expand our programs, and innovate across campus because we knowwe have the ongoing support of the Cedarville community.

10 | Welcome President’s Society Formore than twodecades, Cedarville’spresidentshave reliedon individualswho: ■ Believe in Cedarville University’s mission to transform lives through excellent education and intentional discipleship in submission to biblical authority ■ Have put their trust in Cedarville into action by making a significant commitment to support the strategic purpose of the University These generous and loyal individuals aremembers of the President’s Society, and their commitment provides more than 50% of the funds to the Cedarville Fund—a more than $1 million fund focusing on scholarships and programs and initiatives that strengthen students faith and prepare themwell for a career that matters. Sign up today and join hundreds of members working to help shape the University’s future financial well-being and providing direct assistance to students in need. Advancement Representatives Cedarville University Advancement Representatives travel all over the country representing the University. They would love to get to know you! Visit cedarville.edu/advancement formore information. Find out who your representative is below. Jeff Beste Director of Development bestej@cedarville.edu Melanie Bouy Director of Development mbouy@cedarville.edu Kimberly Park Assistant Director of Development & Women in Philanthropy kimberlypark@cedarville.edu Steven Schindler Executive Director of Development sjschindler@cedarville.edu Roscoe Smith Director of Gift Planning smithr@cedarville.edu Will Smallwood Vice President for Development wsmallwood@cedarville.edu cedarville.edu/advancement/contact-us

Welcome | 11 Athletics Please consider backing the Yellow Jackets by supporting the sports teams when they travel to your area or by watching online at cedarville.edu/athletics. Career Services Familymembers are an essential part of the Cedarville network and canmake a real difference in the professional goals of a student’s life. If you are interested in helping Cedarville students as they explore career options, here are some ways to get involved. Offer an Internship Internships are long-termopportunities (usually six-10 weeks) for students to work at an organization and gain valuable experience. If you’re interested in learningmore, contact Career Services at career@cedarville.edu. Include your name, company, location in the body of the email. Participate in a Job Fair Join hundreds of other organizations that come to campus each year for our career fairs. You’ll connect with our incredible students and learn how they can benefit your company. Hire a Cedarville Graduate Powered by Handshake, Jobs4Jackets helps connect you to students who would be a good fit for your organization. Sign up to post current job openings your companymay have.

12 | Welcome Communication Policy The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) sets out requirements that govern the access to and release of educational records, and the right of students to inspect and review their records. In addition, FERPAprovides guidelines for the correction of inaccurate ormisleading data. In accordance with the regulations of FERPA, Cedarville University has adopted the following policy: No personally identifiable information should be releasedwithout written authorization from the student each time that the information is needed. Written authorization should consist of the date, the person receiving the information, what records are to be released, and the student’s signature. For students who have declared privacy, no information, including directory information, may be released to anyone outside of the University or without an educational need for the information. Waiver of Privacy In some cases, students may wish to waive their FERPA rights and permit University personnel to discuss their educational records with their parents. In such cases, the student must provide the Office of the Registrar withwritten authorization, which includes the student’s signature and grants the release of his or her educational records to specific individuals for specific purposes within limited periods of time. Details concerning the process for waiving privacy can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar, upon request. Contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@cedarville.edu. Parental Access TheMyCU portal (MyCU.cedarville.edu) offers a variety of online services that enable parents to access records related to their student. Encourage your son or daughter to authorize you for electronic access to his or her records. The authorization proceduremay seem cumbersome, but it is in place to help Cedarville University stay in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Once your access is set up, youwill be able to view your student’s financial aid awards, business account transactions, grades, transcripts, even pay tuition. MyCU is an outstanding tool for information, accountability, and encouragement. Visit: cedarville.edu/parent-access formore information.

Academic Essentials | 13 Fall Semester 2023 Aug 18–20 Getting StartedWeekend Aug 21–24 Fall Bible Conference Aug 23 Classes begin Sep 4 Labor Day Oct 6–7 Homecoming Oct 19–22 Fall Break Nov 14–16 Advising and Registration Nov 22–27 Thanksgiving Break Dec 12–15 Final Exams Dec 15 Winter Break Spring Semester 2024 Jan 8 New Student Orientation and Registration Jan 9–11 GO Conference Jan 9 Classes begin Jan 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No Classes) Mar 2–10 Spring Break (No Classes) Mar 11 Classes Resume Mar 29–31 Easter Break (No Classes) Apr 1 Classes Resume Apr 1–3 Advising and Registration May 1–3 Final Exams May 4 128th Annual Commencement Academic Calendar The academic calendar is the key resource for important dates and deadlines that relate to course registration, holiday breaks, exams, move-in andmove-out days, andmore. To see the full academic calendar, as well as proposed calendars for future semesters, visit: cedarville.edu/academiccalendar Academic Calendar 2023–2024 Academic Essentials

14 | Academic Essentials Academic Program Registrar’s Office The Office of the Registrar provides administrative support and services to prospective and enrolled students, alumni, faculty, and administrators of Cedarville University in the areas of records, registration, transfer, testing, graduation, and classroommanagement. Academic Advising Each student is assigned an academic counselor who offers advice concerning course scheduling. A student who has not declared amajor will be assigned to a special advisor equipped to offer assistance in selecting a field of study. The student should consult with his or her advisor not only at registration, but also throughout the year if problems arise. A student with low grades in amajor or minor fieldmay be advised to select another field of study. Academic Honors A student who earns a grade point average of 3.50 or better will be graduatedwith honor; one who earns a grade point average of 3.75 or better will be graduated with high honor; and one who earns a grade point average of 3.90 or better will be graduatedwith highest honor. A student must be in residence at least two full years (61 semester hours) to qualify for honors. Hours earned by examination (test-out) do not count as hours in residence toward graduationwith honors. Dean’s List The Dean’s List is published at the end of each semester. Students are eligible for the Dean’s list if they earn a 3.5 GPA for the semester and have at least 12 semester hours. Grade Point Average (GPA) To figure your GPA, take the specific letter grade you received in a class andmultiply the corresponding number of grade points (see below) by the number of credit hours that class is worth to determine total grade points earned. Repeat this process for each class; then add all grade points earned and divide by the total number of credit hours attempted. The resulting number should equal your GPA. A = 4.00 C = 2.00 A- = 3.70 C- = 1.70 B+ = 3.30 D+ = 1.30 B = 3.00 D = 1.00 B- = 2.70 D- = 0.70 C+= 2.30 F = 0.00

Academic Essentials | 15 Scholarships Cedarville University is committed tomaking a high-quality, Christian education affordable and accessible. Along with competitive costs well below the national private college average, Cedarville provides a wide range of scholarship options to assist students and families. Last year, nearly 100% of new freshmen received scholarships, with an average of more than $20,000 in scholarships and grants awarded. Students who completed the FAFSA also had access to federal student loans. Academic Scholarships Academic scholarships range from$11,000 to $22,000 per year and are renewable for all four years as long as the student meets the required GPA. These generous awards can be combinedwith need-based scholarships, academic program scholarships (music and pharmacy students, for example), athletic scholarships, and other Donor-Funded Scholarships These scholarships allowdonors tomeet individual student needs through annually funded or endowed named scholarships. Youwill find a listing of scholarships with a brief description of the scholarship’s intent as well the required or preferred qualifications below. To be considered for donor-funded scholarships, candidates must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the general application as well as any applications for specific scholarships. ■ To complete a required scholarship application, you must first sign in with your CedarNet login you used to access the general application. Then complete your general profile and, if applicable, apply for specific scholarships. ■ All Cedarville University students who meet the scholarship criteria and with a completed general application will be considered. ■ The Executive Director of Financial Aid and/or a scholarship committee of Cedarville University faculty and staff select recipients. ■ Unless noted as a one-time award, donor-funded scholarshipsmay be renewed for subsequent years if the recipients continue to complete the general application andmeet the criteria (however, renewal is not guaranteed).

16 | Academic Essentials Academic Resources Library The Centennial Library serves the academic needs of the students, faculty and staff of Cedarville University. The Cove (Academic Enrichment Center) The Cove’s mission is to help all students succeed at Cedarville by providing academic support and resources. They providemany, many hours of tutoring, several classes, and a variety of services all to help students in their academics! The Cove serves undergraduate, graduate, and College Now students. Tutoring: Tutoring labs (10 hours ormath lab), peer coaches (weekly review sessions for the highest risk classes), small group tutoring (one hour eachweek for up to two classes). Hours and hours of FREE tutoring! Courses: Foundations (required for about 200 students), MAP-probation course, and Intermediate Algebra. Services: Faculty academic coaching (20 hours a week), Disability Services, support for athletes, undeclared students, andmore. Career Services Themission of Cedarville University Career Services Office is to assist Cedarville students and alumni to develop a Christ-honoring approach to vocation through services that facilitate career exploration and the development of lifelong career navigational skills, while continually networking to enhance opportunities. Career Coaching Our full-time staff includes professional career coaches and resume writers who are available to help you take your next big step toward fulfilling your calling. Internships Internships are a great way to apply what you’re learning in courseworkwhile obtain real-world experience. You’ll alsomake connections and build your resume.

Academic Essentials | 17 Career Fairs Career Fairs on the campus of Cedarville University give you a chance to interact with companies and practice professional networking skills. You canmake connections that lead to internships and permanent, full-time employment in your field. Jobs4Jackets Powered by Handshake, Jobs4Jackets helps connect you to potential employers. You may post a resume for employers to view, as well as access job postings that are entered daily by employers from around the world.

18 | Residence Life

Residence Life | 19 Residence Life Residence Halls Living on campus in a residence hall is one of themost influential parts of your Cedarville experience. More than 80 percent of our undergraduate students live on campus. The remaining percentage includes students who live locally and commute fromhome, juniors and seniors who receive special permission to live off campus, and students over the age of 25. To view full layouts and amenities for each residence hall, visit: cedarville.edu/reslife. Residence Hall Leadership Leadership is provided to each residence hall by the residence hall staff that includes a full-time staffmember who serves as a resident director (RD) and student resident assistants (RA). These residence life staffmembers serve as rolemodels and provide a sense of accountability to the lifestyle standards of the University. They are responsible formaintaining an atmosphere that supports success and is conducive to spiritual, academic, and social growth.

20 | Residence Life Hall Name Residence Hall Type RoomSize Brock Hall Hall Style 17’6” by 11’8” Carr Hall Hall Style, Part of “The Hill” 15’7” by 11’8” Faith Hall Hall Style 13’ by 11’4” Lawlor Hall Unit Style 13’4” by 9’10” Marshall Hall Hall Style, Part of “The Hill” 15’7” by 11’8” McChesney Hall Hall Style 17’4” by 11’8” Palmer Hall Hall Style 15’10” by 11’5” Parker Hall Hall Style 15’4” by 13’2” Rickard Hall Hall Style 17’4” by 11’8” Rogers Hall Hall Style, Part of “The Hill” 15’7” by 11’8” St. Clair Hall Hall Style 15’7” by 11’8” Townhouses Apartment Style 10’11” by 10’1” Walker Hall Unit Style 15’9” by 13’4” West Hall Hall Style 17’4” by 11’8” Hall Name Residence Hall Type RoomSize Bates Hall Hall Style 15’4” by 13’2” Jenkins Hall Unit Style 15’9” by 13’4” Johnson Hall Hall Style 15’7” by 11’8” Maddox Hall Unit Style 15’ by 11’4” McKinney Hall Hall Style 17’4” by 11’8” Murphy Hall Hall Style 17’4” by 11’8” New Residence Hall Hall Style 17’5” by 11’10” Printy Hall Unit Style 13’2” by 9’10” Townhouses Apartment Style 10’11” by 10’1” Willetts Hall Hall Style 17’4” by 11’8” Wood Hall Hall Style 17’5” by 11’10” Men’s Residence Halls Women’s Residence Halls

Residence Life | 21 Room Furnishings and Information Nearly all of the rooms on campus are double occupancy. Each residence hall room is providedwith necessary furniture: bunk beds, chest of drawer(s), closet or wardrobes, desks, and desk chairs. Residents share a common lounge area outfittedwith DirecTV. Additionally, there is wireless Internet service in the entire building. Each building also has one or two laundry rooms that can be used by residents free of charge. Themen’s residence halls have extra-long twin beds. The women’s residence halls have standard twin beds, except for Johnson, Murphy, Jenkins, Wood Hall, plus the newhall, which have extra-long twin beds. Off-Campus Housing As a residential campus, most of our students enrolled in campus-based programs live on campus. Some upperclassmenwish to live in the local community. These students must be granted permission from the student life deans. Students who are living with their parents, married, enrolled part-time (six credit hours or less), or are at least 25 years old do not need permission to live off campus. Any student seeking permission to live off campus should complete an Off-campus application. Because we value the Universitymission and our testimony in the community, each student who lives off campus is expected to live by the Cedarville Covenant and Community Lifestyle Guidelines. Any questions about living off campus should be directed to your respective dean, Dean of Men, or Dean ofWomen. Townhomes Cedarville’s townhouses are owned and operated by the University. Each townhouse unit houses six students in three furnished bedrooms. Each unit also shares two bathrooms, a full kitchen, washer and dryer, and a furnished living room. In addition, each townhouse unit has wireless access. Students are permitted to remain in the townhouses during all breaks except Christmas. Additional charges will apply for students accepted to stay through the summer. Residence Hall curfewpolicies do not apply to townhouse residents.

22 | Co-curricular Life

Co-curricular Life | 23 Co-curricular Life Chapel Chapel has long been considered the heartbeat of Cedarville’s campus. Every weekday at 10 a.m., students, faculty, and staff come together for a time of dynamic worship and powerful preaching. Lives are transformed as we spur one another toward Christ. It’s no wonder chapel is consistently rated as students’ favorite part of their Cedarville experience. Daily chapel demonstrates Cedarville’s commitment to the study and practice of theWord of God. World-renowned guest speakers, along with our President and facultymembers, will inspire you to follow Jesus with excellence. Chapel streams daily at cedarville.edu/chapel as well as on Facebook. The chapel archive is available to view online at cedarville.edu/chapel. Student Organizations Student organizations provide opportunities for you to get involved andmake connections during your time at Cedarville. Fromacademic and professional, to social and service, to cross-cultural and special interests, you’ll find 100-plus organizations with like-minded students who share your passions and interests. Want to join a group of future teachers? You’ll find that here. Interested in networking with professional engineers?We’ve got a group for you. Want to develop leadership skills? Practice a foreign language?Worship through dance? You’ll find an organization that welcomes you and helps you advance your skills and find a place in our tight-knit Christian community. A full list of organizations is available at: cedarville.edu/involvement SGA Student Government Association (SGA) provides a voice for students, encourages involvement on campus, and develops campus morale. In short, SGA enhances the quality of student life at Cedarville University

24 | Co-curricular Life CAB The Campus Activity Board (known as CAB on campus) is the operating board of the Stevens Student Center. CAB’s goal is to provide creative, diverse, and original programming and services that emphasize community development. SAA SAA or Student Alumni Association is a branch of the Alumni Engagement department comprised of students working to represent Christ and the student body through interacting and serving Cedarville alumni. Intramural Sports Intramural Sports competition is offered in teamand dual sports formen, women, and co-recreational teams as well as individual sports formen and women. See a list of intramural sports at cedarville.edu/intramural. On-Campus Jobs Providing on-campus student jobs provides mutually beneficial opportunities for Cedarville University to fulfill its mission of equipping students for lifelong leadership and service. Campus jobs, which are available in nearly every department on campus, allow students to earn an income that will help fund Cedarville’s academically excellent, distinctly Christian education. In addition, University departments rely upon our students’ excellent skills and services to accomplish the tasks that are assigned to them. More than just an employment transaction, these campus jobs represent opportunities to train, resource, andmentor students, all part of Cedarville’s commitment to biblical stewardship. All forms and information regarding student employment can be found at cedarville.edu/studentjobs.

Co-curricular Life | 25 Work Eligibility You are eligible to work on campus: ■ If you are registered for six or more semester credit hours (undergraduate) ■ After a written job offer is received and accepted ■ After proper payroll documentation is submitted Typically, students do not workmore than 1,200 hours per year. Youmay work a maximumof 25 hours per week during the academic term. Most students work five to ten hours per week. Students generally work eight to 10 hours per week in the FederalWork Study program. Federal Work Study What is FederalWork Study? FederalWork Study provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing students to earnmoney to pay for educational expenses. Financial need is determined by FAFSA calculation. Are employment options other than federal work study jobs available on campus? Yes. Campus-based job are available to regular student workers. Students do not have to qualify for FederalWork Study to be employed as a student worker. Detailed information about the FederalWork Study Programmay be found on the Financial Aid office’sWork Study website. Study Abroad Where will your Cedarville education take you? As part of your academic experience, we encourage you to consider a study abroad semester, immersing yourself in another country as you live and learn. Open to students in anymajor, study abroad programs strengthen your language and cross-cultural skills, broaden your thinking, and deepen your commitment to Christian service. Cedarville’s International Programs office will help you identify opportunities that fit your interests and goals, and then help you plan and implement your study abroad experience. A list of all study abroad programs is available at: cedarville.edu/studyabroad

26 | Co-curricular Life How do I know if I have been approved by Cedarville to participate in Study Abroad? Once you complete all the necessary paperwork, have been through an interview with Study Abroad, and have all forms turned into Study Abroad, youwill receive notice as to whether or not you have been approved by Cedarville to participate in a program. Approval is based on the following criteria: ■ A grade point average of 3.0 or above. ■ You are not currently on conduct probation or subject to being placed on conduct probation. ■ Acceptable faculty recommendations (one from your advisor and one from a faculty member who has had you in class). ■ You have adequate financial aid to cover necessary expenses, and cover any previous balances on your account. Completed and signed Study Abroad application and behavior contract. Acceptance into individual programs is at the discretion of that program. What will a typical week look like while I am studying abroad? Depending on the programyou attend, youwill be expected to complete as much academic work (in terms of quantity) as youwould on campus. However, youmay also have long weekends to travel in the semester long programs. Take this advice frompast students--make sure you are caught up on your academic work before you travel. This way youwill not fall behind onwork. Students typically study Monday through Fridaymorning, and travel onweekends. Canmy parents come visit me when I amparticipating in a study abroad? Parents are welcome to visit the study abroad sites after the first month. Many programs have a scheduled break in the semester, whichwould be a good time for a visit. They can stay at nearby hotels or bed-and-breakfasts. Parents should be advised that youmight not havemuch time to spendwith themduring other times in the semester.

Co-curricular Life | 27 Global Outreach Global Outreach exists to prepare and organize the Cedarville University community to know, live, and share the Gospel. This is accomplished through locating opportunities and recruiting, equipping, and sending students, faculty, and staff to serve across the street or across the ocean. Global Outreach at Cedarville equips you for lifelong leadership and service through partnerships with local churches, community organizations, and missions. These volunteerministry opportunities provide a context where you’ll apply what you learn in chapel and the classroomandmake a powerful impact for Christ as youmeet real needs in our surrounding communities and the world. Youwill have the opportunity to serve locally throughweekly volunteerministry teams or through short-termmission trips. Local Church Ministry Teams All Cedarville students are expected tomaintain the spiritual discipline of attending weekly corporate worship at a local church. We also seek to encourage students to take the next step and get involved in serving at their local church. The local churchministry teams listed on this website provide youwith the opportunity to serve local churches throughAwana, children’s ministries, nursery, Sunday school, youth, or worshipministries. Community Outreach Teams The communities surrounding Cedarville contain hospitals, detention centers, faith-basedministries, andmany other types of organizations with volunteer needs whichmay bemet by Cedarville students who desire to serve. The community outreach teams listed on this website provide youwith the opportunity to serve in a variety of areas whichmay relate to your area of study, personal interests, talents, or experience. Contact Global Outreach Email: globaloutreach@cedarville.edu Phone: 937-766-7609

28 | Co-curricular Life Athletics The Yellow Jackets compete for championships in 16 NCAADivision II varsity sports with student-athletes maintaining a focus onministry and impacting the world for Christ. Cedarville is a part of the Great Midwest Athletic Conference. Men’s Sports Women’s Sports Basketball Basketball Cross Country Cross Country Golf Softball Soccer Soccer Tennis Tennis Track & Field Track & Field Baseball Volleyball International Student Services International Student Services (ISS) provides a well-rounded programof services for international and third culture students to help them succeed at Cedarville University. ISS provides services from the time a student begins considering Cedarville, all the way through graduation day. Services include: ■ Providing vital information and assistance as students prepare to arrive for their university experience. The early orientation for new freshmen and transfer students is designed to help them transition culturally, academically, and socially. ■ Offering a first-semester course that helps students proactively develop a strong foundation for learning in the American classroom at the university level. Students learn the skills and strategies that enable them to thrive and achieve their optimal academic performance. Students have access to customized academic support, tutoring, and coaching throughout their university experience. ■ Facilitating a senior seminar to help prepare graduating students for the transition into their next step after university. ■ Providing visa and immigration support to ensure students remain in compliance with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). ■ Providing intentional, proactive support, customized to each student to ensure his or her academic success. ■ Fostering a global perspective on campus and to equip students to represent Christ effectively, both locally and globally. Contact International Student Services 937-766-7982

Health and Safety | 29 Health and Safety Campus Security We are a professional Campus Security organization that offers an assertive strategy for Cedarville University that provides for a safe, secure andwelcoming environment, which enhances the well-being of all members of the campus community and protects life and property. Important Notice: 911 should be contacted directly for any police, fire, or emergencymedical situation demanding immediate intervention. TheMain Campus Security Office is located in the SSC upper level near the information desk. Services The Campus Security department of Cedarville University is amulti-faceted operation that performs a wide range of safety and security related services for the campus. This list has been prepared as ameans to provide an over-view of those key areas of responsibility. ■ ID card services – for faculty, staff, and students; family and retiree passes; specific employee passes. ■ Vehicle registration for faculty, staff, and students. ■ Special permits issued for – fleet vehicle driving licenses, bike registration, visitor parking permits, fishing licenses. ■ Student drivers training. ■ Fingerprinting services for BCI and FBI background checks. ■ Passport photos. ■ Lost and Found property management. ■ 24/7, daily campus patrol services for the purpose of monitoring the physical security and safety of campus buildings and grounds. ■ Parking and traffic management (includes parking/traffic enforcement and the issuance & adjudication of violations). ■ Managing a campus-wide program for handling confiscated and found bikes on the premises. ■ Motor Vehicle accident investigations. ■ Emergency Preparedness – oversight of emergency response plans. ■ Fire Safety and Prevention compliance & inspection services. ■ Liaison with police and fire officials.

30 | Health and Safety Parking Permits ACedarville University parking permit is required for every vehicle, whether used by student, faculty, or staff parking on or using Cedarville University property, regardless of the residency status of the student or the status of the employee (full or part-time or contract). University-owned fleet vehicles are exempt. Vehicles must be registeredwithin 24 hours or one business day of arriving on campus. Cedarville Universitymaintains sufficient parking for students, faculty, and staff; however, vehicle registration does not guarantee a parking space. Vehicle registration and the resulting parking permit grant the user/owner the privilege of operating and parking a vehicle on the Cedarville campus and its controlled properties. All full-time students, whether freshman, resident, or commuter, are required to pay a registration fee when they register their vehicle. Fees will be charged to the student’s account. Fees are charged by the year as follows: ■ Resident Students: $100 ■ Commuter Students: $100 ■ Freshmen Students: $100 ■ Graduate Students: $100 ■ College Now Students: $20 Fines All fineable tickets, whether for parking ormoving violations, are subject to processing within five business days. Fines are automatically charged to the account of the registered owner of the vehicle, regardless of who was operating the vehicle at the time of the infraction. All fines may be paid at the cashier’s office located in the lower level of the Stevens Student Center. Inmost cases, tickets are processed and charged prior to the processing of any appeal. Appeals may take 10 days. If the appeals process overturns a ticket, a credit will be issued to the account to which the ticket was charged. Lost and Found Lost and found property is collected andmanaged by Campus Security. Students should visit the office to look formissing items.

Health and Safety | 31 Contact Campus Security Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–12 p.m., 1– 4:30 p.m. Closedweekends and holidays Contact Information: 937-766-7992 On campus (24/7): 999 * Off campus (24/7): 937-239-6491 Email: safety@cedarville.edu University Medical Services Living away fromhome for the first time is an exciting new stage. But, being away fromhome when you’re sick is no fun! Conveniently located on campus, UniversityMedical Services (UMS) is available to all students and functions much like your family doctor’s office. Whether for treatment of an illness or injury, regular allergy shots, or an immunization for an overseas trips, youwill receive care from compassionate physicians and nurses without leaving campus. UMS will even bill your insurance company. UMS alsomaintains new student health forms to ensure health andwellness for our student body at Cedarville University.

32 | Health and Safety What is offered? UMS hires qualified physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses to provide quality healthcare for youwhile you are at Cedarville. With services similar to a family physician office, UMS offers: ■ Physician and nursing visits when you are ill or injured. ■ Physicals for athletic participation, School of Nursing and School of Pharmacy clinical experience, EMT class clinicals, mission endeavors, and some work-related physicals. ■ Allergy injections as prescribed by your private allergist. ■ Routine immunizations. ■ Immunizations for international travel ■ Laboratory services. ■ Special medical services such as suture removal and wound care. ■ Free over-the-counter medications as recommended by UMS medical staff. ■ Follow-up visits after discharge from a hospital or urgent care facility. ■ Registered dietician visits as ordered by UMS medical staff. ■ Referrals for healthcare needs that are beyond the scope of practice for UMS, such as referrals to area specialists, radiology facilities, urgent care facilities, or local emergency departments. Costs of Services ■ If you do not have health insurance, or if your health insurance does not cover services out of network, UMS has a reasonable self-pay fee schedule. ■ If you want UMS to bill your health insurance, please present a copy of your health insurance card when you check in for medical care. UMS cannot guarantee health insurance coverage, please contact your personal health insurance company for coverage information. ■ Co-pay fees will be collected at the time of service as dictated by your health insurance card. ■ University Medical Services is not an authorizedMedicare or Medicaid provider. Please let us know if you have Medicare or Medicaid for health insurance so we can assist you with finding an appropriate provider. ■ If you have any charges associated with your visit and would like to have them charged to your student account, just let the staff know at the time of check-out, we are glad to help.

Health and Safety | 33 Emergency Services Another healthcare service available to students on campus is Cedarville University EmergencyMedical Services (CUEMS), a volunteer EMS ambulance ministrymannedwith students who are nationally and state-certified EMTs and/ or paramedics. CUEMS responds primarily to emergencies on Campus, however, CUEMS also serves our community by providingmutual aid to Cedarville Township Volunteer Fire Department and the surrounding community when needed. The students who are involved in this ministry volunteer theirmedical expertise to the Cedarville University family and strive to demonstrate Christ’s love and compassion to their fellow students in times of need. Students who are experiencing amedical emergency should always call 911. Contact UniversityMedical Services Office Line: 937-766-7862 Nurse Line: 937-766-7863 Main Fax: 937-766-7865 Email: ums@cedarville.edu Hours of Operations Mid-August through graduation: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Wednesday: 1–4:30 p.m. UMS is closed holidays, academic breaks, and other closings by special notification. Visits by appointment. Counseling Services Themission of the Cedarville University Counseling Services office is to enhance student spiritual growth by providing individual counseling, mentorship and small-group opportunities, referrals, and education that is driven by biblical truth and employs counselingmethods for spiritual growth. Counseling Services is committed to helping students by applying the principles of God’sWord to the counseling relationship, recognizing that true and lasting change occurs as a result of the transformation by the Holy Spirit. Our counselors seek to utilize their commitment to theWord of God and their professional training to assist students in their growth and development. In addition to individual counseling appointments, Counseling Services facilitates small group

34 | Health and Safety opportunities for students to engage proactively in counseling based spiritual growth. Further, Counseling Services provides opportunity for students to seek individual mentorship relationships withmembers of the Cedarville University community. Frequently Asked Questions ■ Is there a cost for students who want to utilize Counseling Services? No. Counseling is free to all students who are enrolled as full-time students. ■ What are the common concerns you address? ƒ Depression ƒ Anxiety ƒ Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ƒ Bipolar disorder ƒ Grief and loss issues ƒ Relationships problems ƒ Couples counseling (dating, engaged, or married) ƒ Healing from abuse ƒ Trauma ƒ Family issues ƒ Sexuality concerns, such as pornography, sexual addiction, and other related concerns ƒ Eating disorders ƒ Addictions ƒ ADHD ■ Will you share informationwithmy parents, professors, RA, RD, the Deans, etc.? When you are meeting with a licensed counselor for individual counseling appointments, unless you sign a Release of Information authorizing us to share information with a named individual, your information is confidential. There are rare situations in which confidentiality has to be broken. Please read more about that in the question that follows. When you are participating in a mentorship relationship with a member of the Cedarville University community we will seek to maintain confidentiality. In group and individual mentorship settings confidentiality is not guaranteed as these are more informal relationships intended for spiritual growth.

Health and Safety | 35 ■ Are there any limits to confidentiality? Yes, there are times when our counselors have to break confidentiality. These include: ƒ If you are a risk to your own life or the life of someone else. ƒ If a minor or mentally challenged adult is being abused. ƒ If we are subpoenaed by a judge to release your records. Title IX Cedarville University is a Christ-centered institution of higher education that is committed to the biblical principle that all human beings are created in the image of God. Because of that belief, the University is committed to basing judgments concerning the admission, education, and employment of individuals upon their qualifications and abilities. Cedarville University is also committed tomaintaining and strengthening an educational, working, and living environment founded on the biblical principles of love andmutual respect. The University seeks to provide programs, activities, and an educational environment free from sex discrimination. In accordance with these beliefs, and consistent with Title IX of the EducationAmendments of 1972, Cedarville does not discriminate on the basis of sex in education programs or activities, including recruitment, admissions, athletic and extracurricular activities, discipline, distribution of financial assistance, distribution of institutional resources, hiring practices, employment, and promotion. Title IX states: “No person in the United states shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, or be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education programor any activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” The University is committed to promoting respect for the bodily integrity of all persons and the sacredness of human sexuality. Sex discrimination includes all forms of sexual violence and sexual harassment. Browse through the information on the left tomeet our Title IX Coordinator, read the Title IX Policy and to view various resources.