Cedarville 2023 Parent Guidebook

6 | Welcome Communication Resources Parent Connect Blog Throughout the year, Cedarville University shares important campus updates through the Parent Connect blog. These updates are sent via an electronic newsletter. Our goal with the newsletter is to provide parents with timely information and resources to help you best support your student’s success. Please visit cedarville.edu/parents to see previous editions of the blog and to sign up to receive the updates. Parent Connect Facebook Group You’re invited to join the Cedarville University Parent Connect Facebook group! This is a great place for parents tomeet one another, ask questions, offer advice, and connect withAlumni and Parent Relations. Request to join the group by searching for “Cedarville University Parent Connect” on Facebook. Cedarville Social Media Cedarville University Instagram: @cedarville Facebook: @cedarville Twitter: @cedarville Cedarville Athletics Instagram: @cujackets Facebook: @cujackets Twitter: @cujackets Cedarville University Alumni Instagram: @cvillealumni Facebook: @cvillealumni Twitter: @cvillealumni Campus Communication Occasionally, Cedarville will communicate with parents regarding a situation on campus. Email is the primarymeans of communicationwith familymembers. Make sure Cedarville has your current email address by using the “Email Subscription” form, apps.cedarville.edu/EmailSubscription. Additionally, please use this link to let Cedarville know anytime you have a change of mailing address, email address, or phone number. Contact the Parent Relations Office Email: parents@cedarville.edu Phone: 937-766-7634 Visit us on campus: Located in the Advancement Suite of the Tyler Digital Communication Building