Cedarville 2023 Parent Guidebook

24 | Co-curricular Life CAB The Campus Activity Board (known as CAB on campus) is the operating board of the Stevens Student Center. CAB’s goal is to provide creative, diverse, and original programming and services that emphasize community development. SAA SAA or Student Alumni Association is a branch of the Alumni Engagement department comprised of students working to represent Christ and the student body through interacting and serving Cedarville alumni. Intramural Sports Intramural Sports competition is offered in teamand dual sports formen, women, and co-recreational teams as well as individual sports formen and women. See a list of intramural sports at cedarville.edu/intramural. On-Campus Jobs Providing on-campus student jobs provides mutually beneficial opportunities for Cedarville University to fulfill its mission of equipping students for lifelong leadership and service. Campus jobs, which are available in nearly every department on campus, allow students to earn an income that will help fund Cedarville’s academically excellent, distinctly Christian education. In addition, University departments rely upon our students’ excellent skills and services to accomplish the tasks that are assigned to them. More than just an employment transaction, these campus jobs represent opportunities to train, resource, andmentor students, all part of Cedarville’s commitment to biblical stewardship. All forms and information regarding student employment can be found at cedarville.edu/studentjobs.