Cedarville 2024 Parent Guidebook

30 | Health and Safety Parking Permits At Cedarville University, a parking permit is required for every vehicle, whether used by student, faculty, or staff parking on or using Cedarville University property, regardless of the residency status of the student or the status of the employee (full- or part-time or contract). University-owned fleet vehicles are exempt. Vehicles must be registeredwithin 24 hours or one business day of arriving on campus. Cedarville Universitymaintains sufficient parking for students, faculty, and staff; however, vehicle registration does not guarantee a parking space. Vehicle registration and the resulting parking permit grant the user/owner the privilege of operating and parking a vehicle on the Cedarville campus and its controlled properties. All full-time students, whether freshmen, residents, or commuters, are required to pay a registration fee when they register their vehicles. Fees will be charged to the student’s account. Fees are charged by the year as follows: ■ Resident Students: $100 ■ Commuter Students: $100 ■ Freshmen Students: $100 ■ Graduate Students: $100 ■ College Now Students: $20 Fines All fineable tickets, whether for parking ormoving violations, are subject to processing within five business days. Fines are automatically charged to the account of the registered owner of the vehicle, regardless of who was operating the vehicle at the time of the infraction. All fines may be paid at the Cashiers Office located in the lower level of the Stevens Student Center. Inmost cases, tickets are processed and charged prior to the processing of any appeal. Appeals may take 10 days. If the appeals process overturns a ticket, a credit will be issued to the account to which the ticket was charged. Lost and Found Lost and found property is collected andmanaged by Campus Security. Students should visit the office to look formissing items.