Cedarville 2024 Parent Guidebook

32 | Health and Safety What is offered? UMS hires qualified physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses to provide quality healthcare for youwhile you are at Cedarville. With services similar to a family physician office, UMS offers: ■ Physician and nursing visits when you are ill or injured. ■ Physicals for athletic participation, School of Nursing and School of Pharmacy clinical experience, EMT class clinicals, mission endeavors, and some work-related physicals. ■ Allergy injections as prescribed by your private allergist. ■ Routine immunizations. ■ Immunizations for international travel. ■ Laboratory services. ■ Special medical services such as suture removal and wound care. ■ Free over-the-counter medications as recommended by UMS medical staff. ■ Follow-up visits after discharge from a hospital or urgent care facility. ■ Registered dietician visits as ordered by UMS medical staff. ■ Referrals for healthcare needs that are beyond the scope of practice for UMS, such as referrals to area specialists, radiology facilities, urgent care facilities, or local emergency departments. Costs of Services ■ If you do not have health insurance, or if your health insurance does not cover services out of network, UMS has a reasonable self-pay fee schedule. ■ If you want UMS to bill your health insurance, please present a copy of your health insurance card when you check in for medical care. UMS cannot guarantee health insurance coverage, please contact your personal health insurance company for coverage information. ■ Co-pay fees will be collected at the time of service as dictated by your health insurance card. ■ University Medical Services is not an authorizedMedicare or Medicaid provider. Please let us know if you have Medicare or Medicaid for health insurance so we can assist you with finding an appropriate provider. ■ If you have any charges associated with your visit and would like to have them charged to your student account, just let the staff know at the time of check-out. We are glad to help.