Cedarville 2023 Parent Guidebook

34 | Health and Safety opportunities for students to engage proactively in counseling based spiritual growth. Further, Counseling Services provides opportunity for students to seek individual mentorship relationships withmembers of the Cedarville University community. Frequently Asked Questions ■ Is there a cost for students who want to utilize Counseling Services? No. Counseling is free to all students who are enrolled as full-time students. ■ What are the common concerns you address? ƒ Depression ƒ Anxiety ƒ Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder ƒ Bipolar disorder ƒ Grief and loss issues ƒ Relationships problems ƒ Couples counseling (dating, engaged, or married) ƒ Healing from abuse ƒ Trauma ƒ Family issues ƒ Sexuality concerns, such as pornography, sexual addiction, and other related concerns ƒ Eating disorders ƒ Addictions ƒ ADHD ■ Will you share informationwithmy parents, professors, RA, RD, the Deans, etc.? When you are meeting with a licensed counselor for individual counseling appointments, unless you sign a Release of Information authorizing us to share information with a named individual, your information is confidential. There are rare situations in which confidentiality has to be broken. Please read more about that in the question that follows. When you are participating in a mentorship relationship with a member of the Cedarville University community we will seek to maintain confidentiality. In group and individual mentorship settings confidentiality is not guaranteed as these are more informal relationships intended for spiritual growth.