Cedarville 2023 Parent Guidebook

42 | Student Services Frequently Asked Questions ■ Is a payment plan other than four payments per semester a possibility? Unfortunately, due to Truth in LendingAct requirements, theUniversity does not offer a payment plan greater than 90 days ormore than four payments ■ I missed a payment plan due date. What will happen? The payment you missed will be added to the amount for the next payment deadline, along with finance charges and a $25 late fee. Excessive balances will prevent students from enrolling in future terms. ■ Is interest applied tomy account? Interest is charged at 7% annual, compounded daily on any unpaid balance past the first due date during fall and spring semesters. ■ Can I make a payment onmy student account using a credit/debit card? Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit/debit cards with a 2.5% convenience fee (minimum fee of $1). Payments can be made online using Student Finance, in person at the Cashiers Office, or by phone by calling 937-766-7824. ■ May I viewmy student account and student statement online? Yes, visit Self Service and login with your student credentials. Students accounts can be viewed in Student Finance. Parents that were provided permission by their students can also use Self Service to view and make payment on the account. ■ Whenwill my bill be available? Students will receive an email notice approximately 20–30 days before the due date with the charges for the term. For fall semester, this is usually the second week of July. For spring semester, this is usually the second week of December. Contact the Cashiers Office Phone: 937-766-7825 Fax: 937-766-3355 Email: cashier@cedarville.edu