Cedarville 2023 Parent Guidebook

8 | Welcome Get Involved With Cedarville Parents Leadership Council The Parents Leadership Council (PLC) has some of Cedarville University’s most committed parents, whose philanthropy sustains and enhances top-notch academic and co-curricular programs while strengthening the University’s reputation. Members are leaders in financial support, ambassadorship, and activities that make a difference for Cedarville students. PLCmembers are confident ambassadors for Cedarville University because they are equippedwith current information. At biannual meetings, they spend time with PresidentWhite, the President’s cabinet, facultymembers, and administrative staff. Members foster communication between Cedarville University and parents to improve the quality of the University experience for Cedarville students and their parents. Council members will serve as liaisons, reflecting the views of the parents to the administration and communicating with parents about the goals and plans of the University. Parents who have a love for God, an affinity for Cedarville, and a desire to serve others are welcome to apply to the Parents Council. As the parent leaders of the Cedarville University community, PLCmembers bring expertise, a philanthropic spirit, and a passion for Cedarville University to the table, and their work and involvement is greatly valued. Formore information about Parents Council, email parents@cedarville.edu.