Cedarville 2023 Parent Guidebook

46 | Student Services Airport Shuttles CedarvilleUniversity offers an airport shuttle to theDayton International Airport prior tomajor holidays and breaks. Students can register online for the service. Frequently Asked Questions ■ Why does Cedarville University only provide transportation to and from the Dayton International Airport? The Dayton International Airport is only 33 miles from campus while the Columbus and Cincinnati airports are over 60 miles from campus. We choose to provide shuttles to the Dayton airport because it is too costly to service rides to the other airports. ■ Who operates this service and why does it cost $25 eachway? Students who are members of the Campus Experience office operate the service (schedule the shuttles and drivers, manage the online registration system and answer all airport transportation questions). We charge $25 each way to cover the cost of vehicle rental ($.60 per mile) and labor cost for the shuttle drivers (minimumwage). ■ Is there a deadline to register for the shuttle? The deadline to register for shuttles is noon the day before the first shuttle departs for the designated break, however, there are a limited number of seats per shuttle. When the shuttle is full, it will no longer appear for purchase on the web page. ■ Which breaks are transportation provided for? Getting Started (arrival to Cedarville), fall break, thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and spring break Contact Airport Transportation Phone: 937-766-2211 Email: airporttransportation@cedarville.edu