Cedarville 2023 Parent Guidebook

10 | Welcome President’s Society Formore than twodecades, Cedarville’spresidentshave reliedon individualswho: ■ Believe in Cedarville University’s mission to transform lives through excellent education and intentional discipleship in submission to biblical authority ■ Have put their trust in Cedarville into action by making a significant commitment to support the strategic purpose of the University These generous and loyal individuals aremembers of the President’s Society, and their commitment provides more than 50% of the funds to the Cedarville Fund—a more than $1 million fund focusing on scholarships and programs and initiatives that strengthen students faith and prepare themwell for a career that matters. Sign up today and join hundreds of members working to help shape the University’s future financial well-being and providing direct assistance to students in need. Advancement Representatives Cedarville University Advancement Representatives travel all over the country representing the University. They would love to get to know you! Visit cedarville.edu/advancement formore information. Find out who your representative is below. Jeff Beste Director of Development bestej@cedarville.edu Melanie Bouy Director of Development mbouy@cedarville.edu Kimberly Park Assistant Director of Development & Women in Philanthropy kimberlypark@cedarville.edu Steven Schindler Executive Director of Development sjschindler@cedarville.edu Roscoe Smith Director of Gift Planning smithr@cedarville.edu Will Smallwood Vice President for Development wsmallwood@cedarville.edu cedarville.edu/advancement/contact-us