Cedarville Magazine Fall 2019

SPORTS STRENGTH IS CU SOCCER Fritz Krieger had the best day ever this September. And it’s a day his parents will never forget. The Yellow Jackets men’s soccer t eam he l d Duchenne Mus cu l a r Dystrophy (DMD) Awareness Night in honor of Fritz Krieger, the 3 -year-old son of Bryant and Sarah Krieger. The Kriegers are friends with men’s Head Coach Brett Faro and his wife, Shelley. Sarah and Shelley played college soccer together. Fritz was treated like one of the team, taking part in pregame warmups, wearing a player jersey, participating in the team prayer before the game against California University (PA), and standing on the sidelines during the match, which Cedarville won, 4-0 . You can watch the video at cedarville.edu/fritzandfriends . Fritz was diagnosed with DMD when he was 10 months old. DMD is a degenerative muscle disorder that is presently incurable. According to Sarah, life expectancy is in the late teens to early 20s . The special night to honor Fritz also raised money to fight DMD. In a letter to Coach Faro and the team, Sarah shared how powerful the evening was for them: “Thank you for choosing to put Fritz, and our entire family, first. Thanks for going the extra step to give him a high five, for taking off your jersey for him to wear, for carrying him to and from the field, and allowing him to be a part of your team. That night, after the game, when we drove away from the field, my husband and I couldn’t help but be in awe of what we had just witnessed. In a world that is often too busy to listen and too self-centered to care about anything, you gave us a little glimpse of what it might have been like to witness Jesus’ strength. You guys completely exemplified what it is to live with strength, and what it is to live for Christ. The verse from Romans 12:2 (“Do not conform, but be transformed”) was ringing in our ears as we watched this group of young men live so differently than so many others their age. It should also be noted that my husband and I also agreed in the car that night that any of you can mentor our kids at any time, and we will be filling out their applications to Cedarville as soon as possible. Th i s e v e n t wou l d ’ v e n e v e r happened if your coach hadn’t decided to be bold on our behalf and try something like this. Strength is practicing what you preach, and I can assure you that your coach does this. He is who he encourages and coaches each of you to be!” LIVESTREAM Watch Yellow Jackets men’s and women’s home basketball games via livestreaming at yellowjackets.cedarville.edu . Cedarville Magazine | 29