The Cedarville Review 2024

THE CEDARVILLE REVIEW 49 I supposed chocolate was just as good. I paid for it real fast and nearly ran out of there. I was all excited thinking of Robin’s big smile. I was so busy I almost didn’t notice all the yelling and hollering when I turned the corner. Well, I don’t know who it was or what exactly they were so angry about, but Robin wasn’t there anymore. My heart just sank right to the fl oor. I guessed he must’ve had to go home but I worried about him. I hoped the yelling I heard wasn’t his dad. No little kid should have to listen to that.b I really didn’t want that donut, Jeffey, cause it wasn’t mine, it was Robin’s. I went over to where we’d been sitting and just tucked it in beside the wall. That way when he came back there it’d be waiting. Maybe he’d remember me. Maybe he’d remember to be a hero just like Robin Hood. I wasn’t quite sure what to do, but there didn’t seem to be much use in hanging around. I shuffl ed away, listening to all that shouting and screeching. It got real loud and I heard some woman say “Stay away from me!” and a kid started crying while some guy yelled “Get out of my way, you snake of a woman!” It was really awful, Jeffey. I remembered all sorts of things. It was so late by then. I knew I should’ve found somewhere to sleep like a sensible person, but I wasn’t feeling too sensible. Everything seemed to grow large, like the buildings were kinda growing on top of me. It wasn’t a comfortable feeling at all. I kept thinking they would fall right on top of me and bury me and then there wouldn’t ever be any stars again. It started raining just a little, big fat drops landing on my face and shoes and hands. Well, I was walking along and passing fewer and fewer