The Cedarville Review 2024

50 FICTION shopfronts when I saw this guy and girl standing under a streetlamp. It looked all sweet and nice until I got closer and heard them talking. Boy, they didn’t sound too happy to be together. She said something about “This is the last time!” and he said something like “not your business” and “Let me alone!” They started getting louder and he started pushing her around. She pushed back like any sensible person but that just made him go harder. Jeffey, I really hated to see that. I didn’t wanna watch it anymore and my feet started moving before my mind did. “Hey, leave her alone!” I cried pushing him back. His big fl ashing eyes fi xed on me real fast, and the girl just stood there staring at me all surprised. Wasn’t she happy I came by, Jeffey? “Who do you think you are, kid? This isn’t any of your business!” He punched my shoulder kinda lightly, and I knew he would hit harder if I messed around. But I didn’t care cause I was so tired of everything I’d seen. “What’d she even do to you? Can’t you just talk it out? Why can’t people just talk it out?” “I said it’s none of your business! Now go on home before I make you!” He shoved me onto the ground so hard I saw stars for just a minute, wincing and fl ashing like a disco ball. He grabbed the girl’s arm again and started pulling her away, her screeching and crying. Boy, I wasn’t thinking too straight at that point. I just ran right into him, head-fi rst. As you can imagine, that made him real mad. He shouted out some nonsense and started laying into me. I don’t remember much, but you’d be proud cause I got a few punches in. I’ve learned a thing or two. But he was a