The Cedarville Review 2024

68 POETRY the U-Bahn interrupts my audiobook phone out, press pause, phone down, look up and out at the BMW roaring past engines rev like in America nothing is like in America yes, I come from America a land you’ve never heard of cuz it ain’t all Texas and California don’t worry, I can explain I can explain everything like how I came to be here in Wien, Twin-Eagle City an explorer, alone among strangers in quaint houses, medieval castles for lonely Leute living at angles parasite Justin Kemp such proximity, such a shame they aren’t so friendly here, Dorothy yet a precious few, their love lights the streets at night, in Ewigkeit, though the darkness ushers their bishops into that same twilight broken only by the occasional streetlamp perhaps small, fl ickering, yet alive and I, a moth, hovering near the bulb parasite surviving on their love