The Cedarville Review 2024

THE CEDARVILLE REVIEW 69 Crow ed room routine: smile a d nod Sharp cli king of plates, drowning out the wo ds, whizzing, rapid fi re. “What did they say?” easier to say: “N ver m nd.” Crashing waves of overlapping con ersation Slam ed into the reef too many lips, disori nted voices rushed out to the bathroom, greeted by the whooshing of the hand dryer microphone squealing reach behind the ear and Soundwaves Brook T. Fetter Pull the pl g to a noisy wo ld. C n you surf? Like us? On sou d waves? Leapi g in and o t dolphin-like slip ed under the surf ce fl oating in the gentle babble after the tidal wave as convers tions become garb ed un er the waves. Ju ped off the diving bo rd tele orti g bet een sound and silence,