Torch, Fall 1978

J attended your church this morning. You should know me. I see you almost every day during the week. It may be at the gas station, at the bank or the store, or as you pass the school playground. You probably didn't notice me today, but I was there, desperately searching for something; and I believe Iwould have found it, if you hadn't been in such a hurry. The choir, even you in the congregation, sang beautiful hymns about such a loving Lord that it brought new hope to my heart. I felt a choking sensation in my throat as I heard your pastor describe the condition of a lost person. "I'm lost," I thought. "He's talking about me. From the way he speaks, this being 'saved' must be very important." Ilooked about me in the pews. You were listening very carefully. You seemed to think that the pastor's words were very important. "All of these people are so concerned. They want me to be saved, too." As your minister finished his appeal, he asked you to stand and sing another of those beautiful songs you knew so well. I swallowed a lump in my throat and was wishing I knew the joy of which you were singing. Just then your pastor looked right at me and started telling me again how I could have this joy, but his words were drowned out by the activity around me. I looked beside me and saw you putting your little girl's coat on her and telling her to get her things. Glancing in front of me, I saw you frown at your watch as though time were running out. Looking on the other side, Isaw you touching up your lipstick and rearranging your hair. Suddenly I didn't want to look at any more of you. My eyes burned, my throat hurt, I could not have gone to talk to your minister. You really didn't care. This salvation the minister had been talking about wasn't important. It didn't matter to you that I was lost. You only wanted to get away. Well, I wanted to get away, too. I wanted to run. But I didn't. I waited until the service was over, and then I walked out among you .. . alone ... lost! but you were • 1n a hurry AuthorUnknown 13