Torch, Fall 1979

give heed to it (Psalm 1:2, 3). God will not reveal new truth to us until we accept and act on that which we already know. Some practical suggestions to assist you in keeping your daily appointment with God include: • Select a time and place that are private and quiet. • Be sure you are rested and alert. • As you begin, pray either quietly or aloud for God to teach you what He wants you to learn for today. • Don't restrict yourself to a set number of verses or chapters. Be flexible . • Keep a notebook handy to make notes for review and for the benefit of others, such as your family. • When you read a particular verse that really impresses you, meditate upon it, memorize it and review it often that day. • Don't be rushed by the clock. Being pressured by insufficient time robs you of concentration, meditation and learning. Allow yourself plenty of time for Bible study and prayer. Don't fret about whether you can continue doing this for the rest of your life. Make up your mind that, each day as it comes, you have an appointment with God and let nothing keep you from meeting with Him. Where should you begin? Many new Christians find Old and New Testament survey courses in Sunday School or through correspondence helpful. These courses give an invaluable overview of the Bible. For those living near a Bible institute or Christian college, enrolling in survey courses would be another option. In addition to these suggestions, Christian bookstores have excellent books to assist you in studying the Old and New Testaments or specific books in the Bible. We are taught to compare Scripture with Scripture (I Cor. 2:10-13). A knowledge of the whole is the greatest safeguard to the interpretation of any part. After the survey courses, you will want to study certain books in depth. The Gospel of John has been the book most often recommended for new Christains. In addition, Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians and Philippians contain superb truth to help you realize what you are as a Christian, what has been accomplished for you by Christ and how you have been equipped to walk with Christ in this life. After you have studied these 5