Torch, Spring-Summer 1999

ray r Communication on a Higher Plan Power Through Prayer by Dr. Martin Clark 2 Practicing Prayer by Dr. Paul Dixon 4 Prayer: Good Heart Medicine by Dr. Barbara Loach 6 Campus News 14 Editor Dr. Martin Clark Managing Editor Roger Overturf Associate Editor Kara Steirnnan Proofreaders Martha Baldwin Vicki Edem Graphics Mike Bieniek Kerry Estes Photo2raphy Scott HuCk Cedarville Torch Vol. 2 1 No. I Spring Issue, 1999 Published by Cedarville College Dr. Paul Dixon, President NO PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS Cedarville Torch is published for alumni and friends of Cedarville College. Direct comments and requests for extra copies to: Managing Editor Cedarville Torch P.O. Box 60 1 Cedarville, OH 453 14 937-766-7808 ISSN 1093-4618 Torch 3