Torch, Spring 1978

ns, as well as m other friends raised the total gifts for Ced new chapel to almost seven hundred thousand dol– lars. This center for campus worship and Biblical instructionwas erectedat a cost of 1.1 million dollars. UNIQUE MINISTRY Several CedarvilleCollege students have been maintaining a unique ministry at Wittenberg University in nearby Springfield, Ohio. Through the use of a survey of religious views, many opportunities eople to share their berg students. as developed by us BruceMcDonald to review general at– titudes before identifying personal beliefs. This design leads to serious conversation about an individual's relationshipwith Jesus Christ. The effect of this programwas seen recently when Jim Jamison, a Junior, approached a tall, dark-haired stu– dent at the University. After the in– troductory questions the young man 9 responded, "Doyou knowhow toget to heaven?Then share itwithme! I've been searchin1 to find theway.'' Durln1 the lrlal use of the survey, threestudentsacceptedChristas their Savior. Thosewho are participating In thisministrybelieve thatmanyoppor– tunities will open for additional out– reach on the campus of Wittenberg University.