Torch, Spring 1980

WE 111 HI UILD LEADERS FOR It . . ' ''Ji'i 1 1 TH --..- IELDS Students are in sp ired to missions through specia l chape l speakers, conferences, and seminars. Quality instruction is offered in Bible, presem in ary courses, I and language stud ies . Students will partic- ., -- ~l_._ ipate in individual and team min is- tries to Africa, Austra li a, Brazil, Philippines, / and Th e People 's Republic of Ch ina. In - vo lvement opportunities here at home wi ll include evangelism, canvassing, church and youth work, jail , rescue miss ion, and BRAZIL nursing home ministries. At Cedar- FRICI\ ville we are bui lding leaders now for tomorrow's f ields. USA EDARVILLE COLLEGE A Baptist College of Arts and Sciences Cedarville . Ohio 45314 • Dr . Paul Di xon . President