Torch, Spring 1994

College Tradition Calls It THE ANNUAL FUND. In Reality, It's THE DAILY FUND! T hat's how often a gift to the Cedarville College Annual Fund touches the life of a Cedarville student. As you can see, offering students a life-developing education is more than a once-a-year occurrence. It is a process taking place every day- with activities like chapel, library research, classes with qualified facul ty members, or Christian ministries. While a Cedarville education includes these many facets, each is designed to help complete one task: to prepare each student to serve Christ in his or her God-given capacity. Fulfilling this mission and providing these various activities is costly. But rather than burden each student with the total cost, we choose to give others- friends, alumni, churches, and corporations-the opportunity to help, to actually stand by our students as partners in their education. Thankfully, many are touching our students continually through the Annual Fund, helping to: • furnish resources like computers and library books • provide competent faculty and staff • assist students with financial aid • maintain facilities • provide activities like chapel, Christian ministries, and residence hall programs Because of others' help in providing each of these, we are able to see, every day, another step taken toward equipping students to serve Christ. Yet, whether it is called the Annual Fund or the "Daily Fund," one thing is certain: the need is continual, because our task is continual. And there can never be too many partners involved with our students in their education. If you desire to influence our students, consider taking part in the Cedarville College Annual Fund. It is one of the few investments in which you can make a difference every day. You may wish to take advantage of such Annual Fund opportunities as the Torch Club, Charter Society, or President's Associates. By whichever means, please become a part of the "Daily Fund" today, and share in the reality of preparing students to become both competent professionals and more committed Christians. r----~--------------, I want to invest in the students of Cedarville College and have a daily influence on their education. Enclosed is: $ _ ____ Please send me more information about: D Torch Club ($120 per year) D Charter Society ( $ 500 per year) D President's Associates ($1,000 per year) Name _ ______ ___ _ __________ Address ---------~;::::::=========::; Phone __________ City ___ _ _ _____ State___________ The Annual Fund of Cedarville College