Torch, Spring 1994

Electronic mail (e-mail) Send a message to a professor to further discuss the day'~ class lecture Send a note to your intramural volleyball team about the next game time Check lecture notes before you go to class Send an encouraging note to a friend Receive replies to your messages Library/ Research What is CedarNet? Read abstracts of journal/magazine articles on your topic on compact disc (CD-ROM) Find out whether the book you need has been checked out of the library C edarNet is Cedarville College's award-winning campuswide computer network. Cedarville is one of seven recipients of a national award in the first CAUSE Award for Excellence in Campus Networking competition. Access CedarNet right from your dorm room, 24 hours per day Schedule your days and nights on a computerized day planner Use the latest in word processing, graphics, database, and spreadsheet software Cedarville' s campus has over 1,000 personal computers with 75% of dorm rooms equipped with a network PC workstation, including a printer. Output your work on a laser printer. in easily accessible labs Traini n g Learn about CedarNet during the first week of ,.••..._. orientation Attend walk– in clinics on popular software applications Browse through on-line help, available in most applications Dial a help line if you have additional questions Talk to trained lab assistants available during lab hours Hardware Coursework Nursing majors-take a self– assessment test on caring for a cardiac patient Social Science and History majors-research a country's demographic data and listen to that country's national anthem Communication Arts majors--£tudy concepts in a Communication in the Information Age multimedia presentation All students-enhance your knowledge of the Bible through an Old Testament Survey multimedia presentation, Bible concordances, Bible study notes, and Greek and Hebrew translations IBM or compatible 386SX or 486SX computer Super VGA monitor (.28 dot pitch) 600 dpi laser or 24 pin printer Sound board and speakers Cedarville College P.O. Box 601 Cedarville, OH 45314 Address Correction Requested Compile a bibliography for your term paper Read articles from major newspapers around the country Internet Conduct a survey and gather opinions on a particular topic in a discussion group Check the weather in Ohio and at home Find books at other libraries and request an interlibrary loan Keep up-to-date on local, national, and world news Send electronic mail to your friend at a university on the west coast The .Next Step As you begin your transition from student to professional... You will have the skills necessary to navigate the "information superhighway" You will know how to use the most current software You will have job leads and company information gained from computerized job searches and company profiles, as well as a high quality resume Non Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Cedarville College