Torch, Spring 1994

on line With ~u~ President Cedarville College Investing In The Vision 0 ver the past 16 years my wife, Pat, and I have had the privilege of watching the dream...the vision...the strategic plan for Cedarville College become reality. It is all a testimony to the grace and power of our great God. It has happened because of a multitude of people who have chosen through their stewardship to help fund and pray for the vision. Many of these friends are not physically present at the College on a regular basis, but they are investing in the Lord 's work here. I remember well a day in 1978 when I visited the chairman of one of Ohio's key manufacturing companies. It was one of my first opportunities to tell the Cedarville story and our vision for the future . I said, "Will you help us?" He stood up from his chair, walked from behind his desk, and said to me, "I will not only help, I will get others to help!" And he has. He has chosen to give significant help for every expansion program during the past sixteen years. 2 orch One afternoon several years ago, one of our trustees grabbed my hand after our board meeting and said, "Paul, I want to make a difference at Cedarville College!" What a difference he and his family have made in many ways, including the provision of major gifts to our capital campaigns. One of the most respected business leaders in the Dayton area expressed to me, "I believe in your commitment to free enterprise. I am impressed with the quality of the students graduating from Cedarville, and I want to be a part of what you are doing." These are but three of the friends who have chosen to make Cedarville College a priority in their stewardship. Thousands more cannot give the six-figure gifts, but they sacrificially send their monthly $10 check or their $500 or $1000 each year. Just last month, we received a gift of $5 from a younger sister of one of our students. In her note, she wrote that she thought Cedarville was "so neat," and since her brother had chosen to come here, she wanted to help. Three ladies faithfully enclose letters each month with their gifts of $10 to $20. They share with us how excited they are about all that is happening at Cedarville and remind us that they are praying regularly for our students. On one occasion one of these ladies wrote, "I called Dr. Dixon's office and asked for prayer for our church. The secretary told me that they had prayed for us in chapel that very day!" This is our privilege-to take you to God in prayer and minister to you when we can. The dollars that come from you, our faithful donors, are a sacred trust. We make a commitment to you that we will continue to use your gifts wisely with God 's help to fulfill the mission He has given us through consistent strategic planning. Part of our plan is to retire major portions of debt each year. We assure you that we do not intend to incur any debt except that which is self-liquidating and short term. Our vision for the future is to provide a new chapel with Christian ministry facilites and a new music building with a recital hall within the next three years. Beyond that we must make sure that student union needs are met by the end of the decade. As in the past 16 years, we will not break ground until we have determined that the donors are there to make it possible. Once again, I am confident that many will step forward who have determined that Cedarville College is a high priority in their stewardship. Thank you for the past, and thank you for making our future possible.