Torch, Summer 1978

The Times and The Seasons Pat Landers Dixon MRS. Ruby Jeremiah was not too excited about leaving the pastorate and moving to Cedarville in 1954. She was a very active pastor's wife who loved being amid a large and thriving congregation . She and her husband claimed II Corinthians 9:8 as a verse of encouragement as they undertook the new chal– lenge of a college presidency. "And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work ." TORCH· How long had you been a pastor's wlfe before your husband beume the president of Cedarville Collegel MRS. JEREMIAH : Over eighteen years! We had been in Panama, New York for three years; in Toledo, Ohio for eleven; and in Dayton, Ohio for four years. We were married on October 1, 1936, and left for our first pastorate the next day! TORCH EYeryone likes to remember their "first anything," What was your first pastorate likef MRS. JEREMIAH: We had plenty of room-that's for sure! A twelve-room house with furniture for two . $11 .50 a week couldn't buy much more. I busied myself by teaching in Sunday School, playing the piano, and calling with my husband. TORCH: You and Dr. Jeremiah were not iust a cou- PRESIDENTIAL ITINERARY Make plans now to attend one of the following meetings : Dr. James T. Jeremiah, June 4 Northfield Baptist Church, Northfield, OH; 5-7 Baptist Laymens Conference, Canadaigua, NY; 7-11 Ridge Road Union Church, Lockport, NY; 26-30 GARBC Conference; July 16-22 Days of Decision, Swan Lake, NY; August 4-6 Camden Baptist Church, Oberlin, OH; September 1-3 Faith Baptist Church, Gallipolis, OH; 8-10 First Baptist Church, Wellington, OH; 11-14 Pastors Conference, Cedarville College; 17-20 First Baptist Church, Louisville, OH; 25-29 Spiritual Emphasis Week, Grand Rapids Baptist College; October 1-2 Central Baptist Church, Bradford, Ontario; 6-8 Independent Bap– tist Church, Blairsville, PA; 11-15 Calvary Baptist Church, Ashland, OH; 20-30 The Philippines. pie, but a family 1"lth chHdten when you came here. MRS. JEREMIAH: Yes, we had four children to be exact. Their ages ranged from six to sixteen years. TORCH: Were your children educated at Cedamlle College? Where they nowJ MRS. JEREMIAH: Yes, and everywhere! They had their college experience here. Lois Ann is the wife of Pastor David Mills in Adrian, Michigan. David is a pastor in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Maryalyce is a profes– sor in the Health and Physical Education Department at the college and James is a pastor in Lima, Ohio. TORCH: Did your friends support you in this move from a church to a. collegef MRS. JEREMIAH: They thought we were crazy! Many thought the college wouldn't succeed. TORCH: What were your responsibOUies thenl MRS. JEREMIAH : Mostly traveling. Weekends, we'd go to different churches to promote the college. That kept me rather busy. I also worked in the college revamping the mailing list, working in the post office, and running the offset press in the basement of "Old Main." TORCH: Is there any one incident which stands out about the early yeanf MRS. JEREMIAH: I guess the most serious incident was during the summer after we came. There was no salary from the end of May until the end of August. We all learned to trust the Lord as He met the needs in unexpected ways. TORCH: That was a trial! Whal about some joys during those yearsl MRS. JEREMIAH: We shall treasure the joys that we've experienced in seeing many young people go forth to serve the Lord in various occupations. The growth of the college from 105 students to 1,250 in twenty-five years is beyond anything we could have imagined. Our God has done" ... exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think .... " TORCH: Now you areabout to assume the role as the wife of the chancellor of CedarviJle College. Do you have any apprehensions1 MRS. JEREMIAH : There'll be new adjustments and challenges. But we have the same God who does not change. 11Corinthians9 :8 is still in the Book! We shall continue to claim it for the years ahead as we seek to do His will. Rev. Paul Dixon, June 4-9 Temple Baptist Church, Ports– mouth, OH; 11-18 Windsor Village Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN; 19-25 Boone's Creek Bible Church, Jonesboro, TN; 26-30 GARBC Conference; July 9 Atlanta Braves and San Diego Padres Chapel; 16Atlanta Bralles and Philadelphia Phillies Chapel; July 31-August 1 National Sword of the Lord Conference, Murfreesboro, TN; August 13 Calvary Baptist Church, Niagara Fal ls, NY; 20 Ca lvary Baptist Church, Ashland, OH; Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs Chapel; September 9 Northwest Ohio Youth Rally, Calvary Baptist Church, Findlay, OH; 10 Troy Baptist Temple, Troy, OH; 11-14 Pastors Conference, Cedarville College; 24 First Baptist Church, New Rich– mond, OH; October 1 Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves Chapel; 6-8 Garfield Baptist Church, Milwaukee, WI; 22 Bethlehem Baptist Church, Cleveland, OH; 29 Cincinnat i Bengals Chapel.