Torch, Summer 1987

I've done it Never have I'll try it! D D D 45 . Make your own Christmas wrapping paper using brown wrapping paper and water colors D D D 46. Visit the nearby birthp laces of any U.S. Presidents D D D 47. Arrange for your family to spend a day on a farm D D D 48 . Build a model airplane that will really fly D D D 49. Once a month go to a different restaurant D D D 50 Attend an opera D D D 51. Learn to play a musical instrument in time to give a recital at the next family reunion D D D 52. Research your family heritage D D D 53. Collect an antique from each of your relatives D D D 54. As a family , develop a play and perform it at a rest home D D D 55. Visit each state in the Union before your children are all over 18 years old D D D 56. Take a cruise that includes a Christian speaker I~ D D D 57. Restore a jalopy with your son D D D 58. Tour the state capital with your local congressman D D D 59. Visit a restaurant and eat something you ' ve never tried before D D D 60. Write for old snapshots of relatives and put them in a scrapbook for showing at D the next family reunion D D 61. Learn a hymn as a family and sing it in church D D D 62. Make your own table dishes and cups out of clay D D D 63 . Organize a checkers tournament in your neighborhood D D D 64. Rent a ride in a hot air balloon D D D 65. Race your son at a go cart track D D D 66. See who can design a paper airplane that will fly the farthest D D D 67. Boat on a lake you've never been on before D D D 68. Collect old clothes with which your daughters can put on a fashion show D D D 69. Mow a golf course in your back yard and have a whiffle ball golf tournament D D D 70. Visit an automobile factory D D D 71. Parachute jump on the back of an instructor or by yourself if you' re brave D D D 72. Take your first-ever airplane ride in a small plane and fly over your house taking pictures D D D 73. Camp out and make your own shelter out of natural materials D D D 74. Take a three-day bike hike and camp out along the way D D D 75. Go whitewater rafting D D D 76. Tour a local television station D D D 77 . Camp out and live off the land for at least 3 days D D D 78 . Make a frisbee golf course in your back yard D D D 79. Find 5 different ways to make pizza without using pizza dough D D D 80. Visit the zoo and draw the animals D D D 81 Organize a pingpong tournament in your neighborhood D D D 82. Try to ride a rollercoaster without holding on D D D 83. Learn to sai1 D D D 84. Make your own putt-putt golf course out of found materials D D D 85. Build a kite and fly it on a windy day D D D 86. Learn about insects and collect them for display D D D 87. Organize a volleyball game with other career people your age D D D 88 . Tour a factory that makes a food item D D D 89. Tour a local bank and then a U.S. mint D D D 90. Visit a ship while it is in dock D D D 91. Attend a play at a local college and eat in the cafeteria D D D 92. Follow a visit to a dairy with a tour of an ice cream factory D D D 93. Attend a department store fashion show D D D 94. Make a soapbox derby racer ~ D D D 95 . Conduct a chess game with a friend by mail D D D 96. Organize a road rally using Scripture clues D D D 97 . Have a block party with softball and carry-in picnic D D D 98 . Browse in your public library D D D 99. Take a photography class at your local community college D D D 100. Plant a window box herb garden D D D 101. Take the family to an art museum 7