Torch, Winter 1979

I II I ' ,I 2 CONTENTS SPIRITUALSPENDING 3 DR. PAUL DIXON HOW DO YOURSPENDING HABITSSTACKUP? 4 BOB ROHM PRINCIPLES OFMONEYMANAGEMENT 7 A BIBLIOGRAPHY CAMPUSNEWS 8 WHY SHOULD I MAKE A WILL? 10 AN INTERVIEWWITH DAVID HAFFEY WISESTEWARDSHIP ISNTANACCIDENT 12 KENNETH ST. CLAIR THETIMESANDTHESEASONS 14 PAT LANDERS DIXON Front Cover: It is our prayer that this issue ofthe Torch will prove to be a financial "survival kit" as the Lord uses the advice contained within to exhort our readers. (Photo by Steve Keller) Back Cover: Covered bridge near Jamestown, Ohio. (Photo by Barbara Beikert)