Torch, Winter 1981

I • 6 Full employment cannot be regulated but must come about only by the production of the goods and services needed by the people. This can only be accomplished in a free market system. People will decide when they want to buy, where they want to buy, and how much they are willing to pay. Those of us involved in the production of the goods and services understand this natural phenomenon very well. We must somehow relate this to our elected officials and convince them to recognize and support this great free market system. After all , our businesses have brought together the most industrious and talented people in the world. In the field of finance, research, engineering , sales, advertising, merchandising, and production , we are second to none . We need the freedom to combine all of these "people-resources" and ingenuity into a vital economic reality, so that we can continue to provide the products and services which people want and need and, hence, continue to create jobs and opportunities for our people . Everyone Can Help For the last couple of years , along with a growing number of businessmen, I have devoted more and more of my time to speaking out on the preservation of our independence and individual freedoms. I have enlisted the help of our Champion people all over the country to reach as many people as possible to encourage them to become active in our fight. Those efforts can be very effective if more people ,including associations, labor organizations, women's clubs, and other organized groups will get involved. There are thousands of such organizations with millions of members who can generate tremendous power with their active support and bring about necessary changes . If we really care about the future opportunities for coming generations, we need the involvement of all our educational institutions. If we could tum the protests of our young people into a constructive appeal to save the free market system, we could tum the present situation around. One of the things that has attracted me to Cedarville College is its stand for free enterprise and against the intrusion of government. I hope other schools will begin to follow their example. To our coming generation, I say fight for your ideas to improve the world , but don't throw away the only concept and philosophy under which it is possible for you to accomplish your goals. Powerful , dominating government may belong in Russia and other socialistic countries of the world , but not in America. If we are dedicated to this country and to the republic for which it stands , every one of us should prayerfully resolve to influence those around us to become involved in direct contact with our senators and congressmen with strong and factual language of truth so that our freedom may survive . ITINERARIES: Dr. Paul Dixon, President December 5-6 a .m. Union Grove Baptist Church, Union Grove , WI 13 Calvary Baptist Church , Meadville , PA 19-20 a.m. First Baptist Church, Berlin, OH 29 Indiana Regular Baptist Youth Sports Jamboree at First Baptist Church, Elkhart, IN January 3 First Baptist Church, Gallipolis, OH 17 Calvary Baptist Church, Bellefontaine, OH 23 Cincinnati Youth Rally at Tri-County Baptist Church, Cincinnati , OH 24 Faith Baptist Church , Mt. Vernon, OH 30-31 a.m. North Royalton Baptist Church, North Royalton, OH February 5-6 Campus Bible Fellowship Retreat , Skyview Ranch , Millersburg , OH 7 Canton Baptist Temple, Canton , OH 21 a.m. Wilmington Bible Church, Wilmington , OH 26-28 a.m. Ankeny Baptist Church, Ankeny, IA Dr. James T. Jeremiah, Chancellor December 1-3 Cedarville College Chapel January 4-22 Heritage Christian College, San Diego , CA February 1-28 Speaking engagements in California churches DON'T MISS! FREE ENTERPRISE CONFERENCE March 5-6, 1982 Featuring special speakers and seminars, this two-day conference will promote free enterprise on campus, throughout the community, and especially to area high school students. For more information, contact Steve Hubbard , president of Kappa Epsilon Alpha, at (513)766-5458 .