1917 Cedrus Yearbook

19 17 CEDARVILLE COLLEGE LIBRARY MR. GRINDLE Our Janitor There is not much one need say of a man like this, for his actions speak for him. But we feel that our Cedrus would not be complete without telling you something of the man. His is the happy possession of a big heart and a great good nature. He is a man always cheerful at his work,no matter whether the day be bright or cloudy It is Mr.Grindle that on cold winter mornings fires the furnace to keep our intellectuality from freezing. It is Mr.Grindle who does all of our college housekeep- ing. There never was a spread at the college, when Mr. Grindle was not there, doing all he could to help the boys and girls have a good time. He is a friend of every college student, always helping us out of diffi- culties. In fact we feel that the college work could not move along so smoothly without the assistance of Mr. Grindle. 155