1917 Cedrus Yearbook

19 A. WHITELAW REID HOMESTEAD Life of Whitelaw Reid 17 W HITELAW REID was born, October, 1837,at what is now known as the Reid Homestead,two miles west of Cedarville. He was a very delicate child but possessed unusual intellectual ability. He was a great lover of books and before he was ten years old was a voracious reader. He was thorough in all that he did and at the age of fifteen entered college a better scholar than his higher classmen. He graduated from college in 1856. His com- mencement oration was beautiful, his rhetoric and style were classical. He stepped out into the world ready for life's battles, with a noble ambition and will power, that made him a winner in every position of life whichhe occupied. He became a teacher, reporter, army correspondent, congressional librarian, editor of New York tribune, candidate for vice president, representative of United States to coronation of King Edward, minister to France and United States em- bassador to England. He served many years at the latter place. He died in London,December 12, 191i. His funeral was held at Westminister Abby, an honor never before given an American. It was attended by king and nobility of England and representatives of all nations of the world. The English Government sent the body home to New York on a large battleship. His funeral at New York City was held in the Episcopalian Cathedral on Morning Heights. His funeral here was attended by the President, Cabinet,Judges of Supreme Court, Congressman and representatives of all nations of the world. He rests in Sleepy Hollow,Tarrytown, New York, within two feet of the grave of Washington Irving, where he quietly awaits the Resurrection Morn. REV. PARKA JACKSON. 56