1917 Cedrus Yearbook

19 "Log Book" 17 OCTOBER 1. Several embryo debaters make first attempts in the forensic line before the debating class. OCTOBER H. Florence Somers elected editor-in-chief of Cedrus Staff. William Anderson business manager. Prof. Allen comes to the lamentable conclusion that his debating class can not yet be put on the market as a finished product. OCTOBER 13. Freshmen by superhuman effort inject enough pep into their-semi-dormant-selves to have a spread at the rural domain of "President Creswell." OCTOBER 17. First meeting of 1917 CedrusStaff. Plans laid for making it bigger, broader and grander. Amen! OCTOBER 18. Editor in-chief gives us the information that we have a chance to carve our "monikers" in the halls of literary fame. In other words a 1917 Cedrus offered for the best short story and one for the best poem handed in for the Cedrus. OCTOBER N. 13 innocent Freshmen and Sophs. are led like lambs to the slaughter. Occasion:—Ist. Algebra test. Place:—The math shark's paradise. Preceptor:—"That man Parker." OCTOBER 24. Hawaiians at Opera House in first number of Lecture Course. Guitar player makes big hit. Girls anxious to learn the "Hoola-Hoola." OCTOBER 25. Two C. C. Alumni, Mildred Corry and Ernest Foster begin life in double harness. Dr. Foster helps them to get hitched up. OCTOBER 27. Boys entertain t he girls at annual Hallowe'en feed. Faculty members tell shivery ghost stories; Prof. Allen: "I am not anybody's husband, don't want to be anybody's husband etc. OCTOBER 28. The morning after the night before, 5 or 6 recovered sufficiently from the night before to "clean up the gym" and in so doing get the benefit of left-over pies, oysters etc. Three roomers at the Townsley-Lodge make pumpkin pies with milk seasoned with oyster shells by some unknown worker of iniquity. The milk was "left-over" from Hallowe'en. OCTOBER 30. Chapel prayer-meeting for coming evangelistic meetings. Geo. Smith makes known to the Apologetics class his knowledge of catechism. OCTOBER 31. Dr. James Foster of New Wilmington Pa. gave some very timely advice in a chapel address. NOVEMBER 1. Chapel stacked. "Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, she's stacked again." Dr. McChesney makes inquiries: John Wrightand James Chesnut very innocent, giving proof of having retired early night before, but said nothing about getting out of room via ladder. NOVEMBER 2. Second number of Lecture Course. Japanese dancer and hoseband Taki. George Smith forgets to make date. Rabbit feed by select few at Ann Collins.' NOVEMBER 3. Several "Nimrods" make life unsafe for the cotton tails. NOVEMBER 6. Straw vote in chapel, Hughes wins out, but Benson gives him hard chase. Ballot box stuffed about 20 more votes than students. NOVEMBER 7. Much interest shown in election. Dean and Turnbull tossed in blanket at expense of blanket. Surprise on Wallace Anderson. NOVEMBER 8. Election returns show very close mee for presidency. Cox elected govenor. Presi- dency still in doubt. NOVEMBER B. Wilson elected. Quaker inspectors in chapel. Rain all day, dry 'entd" inside. NOVEMBER 10. Mrs. Drummond,state sec.W.C. T. U.speaks in chapel. Y. W. holds sewing bee in 'library during afternoon and evening. This particular species of bee is noted for its "buzzing" ability. 97