1935 Cedrus Yearbook

"AU REVOIR" For many a year I've been standing, Serving you ever so true, Giving you drink so refreshing, And living my life for you. But now you have forsaken me And in your halls there stands, Beautiful fountains to replace me Flowing as your souls command. Oh Cedarville! Oh Cedarville! I hold no malice toward thee, But I pray that you will keep me As a treasure, in thy memory. R. T. The Old College Pump DRAMATIC CLUB The Dramatic Club was organized about the middle of the second semester, under the direction of Mrs. Heintz, when a call was made for students who were interested in dramatics. The organization has a large membership and is rapidly becoming more popular. Three one-act plays have been presented so far, these being "The Reading of the Will," "Alice Blue Gown," and "The Passing of Mr. Peal." The club has adopted a constitution and the following officers were elected: Eleanor Bull, President; Lois Cultice, Vice President; Mary Johnston, Secretary and Treasurer; John Richards, Reporter. We are looking forward to next year when more difficult work will be taken up by the club. First row, left to right: Johnston. Hageman, Biggs, Pleasant, Allison, Bull. Second row: H. Miller, Probasco, Waddle, Nelson, Fisher. Third row: Post. E. May, Cultice, E. Brill, N. May. Fourth row: McLaughlin, Kline, Porter, Mrs. Heintz. Fifth row: Bradley, Ritenour, 0. Brill, Sinks, E. Reed. Sixth row: Richards, Linton, Rife, Trubee, H. Wallace. Anderson, West. Page thirty-one