1935 Cedrus Yearbook

SOCCER 1934 Soccer was originally organized as a fall sport for the men's gym class but was gradually taken up by other students. It was found to be great fun kicking the ball from one end of the field to the other. If it wasn't the ball that was being kicked it was possibly someone's shins. Although Potee was the ''Tarzan'' of the group, little Byron Wallace was the "honorary" scrapper. Regular practice was held on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week with some twenty-five men reporting. After putting each to the trial and error method, Coach Ault found some promising players. The squad engaged Antioch in two games which were of lightning speed and kept you on your toes. The score of the first game was 3-3, and the second game against Antioch faculty ended again a tie 3-3. As a fall sport this game has every chance of establishing itself in Cedarville. Although it was played as an intra-mural game, someday we might be able to con- nect it up intercollegiately to replace our lost football team. INTRA-MURAL BASKETBALL An inte,esting event at the end of the basketball season was the class tourna- ment. Due to the scarcity of players the varsity players were allowed to play. In the first game the Juniors played the Freshmen. Because of the basket- shooting of Cummings in the first half the Freshmen won 28 to 19. In spite of some long shots by Walter Linton, a Senior, the Sophomores, who were the favorites, defeated the Seniors 34 to 28. Joe Waddle and Harry Wallace starred for the Sophomores. In the final game the Sophomores crushed the Freshmen 48 to 19: the Freshmen making a grand total of two points the first half. Each team played their substitutes the last five minutes of the game. These intra-mural tournaments each year go to develop a spirit of close relation- ship on the floor as well as in the classroom. Page forty-seven