1935 Cedrus Yearbook

GIRLS GYM Girls' Gym started with the shout of "Attention!" from our director, Dorothy Anderson. With our toes on the white line we answered present for the first time. The class donned blue gym suits and did as dear teacher told us. Some days we were quite fantastic and did interpretive dancing. Why, who knows but one of us will be the successor of some famous dancer some day. We played volley ball and aerial darts until the fadfor kick-ball came along. Then the ball was kicked from one end of the gym to the other, hitting ceiling and seats. At times we even threatened to knock a few boys off the platform. We had an excellent basketball team this year winning a few games during the season. Just ask the High School girls if they didn't have stiff competition when it came to basketball. We really kept them jumping. When it came to soft ball we didn't do so bad either. We had quite a few eminent players including our pitchers and catchers who proved to us that they did know the game. Our poor director became so tired and hoarse from yelling at us that she had to have a new voice in the form of "wee" Helen Hageman to carry on. The menaces of the class have caused our dear "Dot" much concern. In some instances we were afraid that our silly remarks and acts would be quieted by the slap of a hand mightier than ours, but she was patient and endured a lot. We all wish to thank Dorothy for her kindness and consideration along with the patience of Job. We also wish to commend her on the ability to hold her temper. Not many of us could "take it'' as she has done. Page forty-six